Surfpocalypse Builds on the Beach (Quiksilver Pro Update)

Update: Panoramic photo of the beach flooded out below

A reader armed with a digital camera sent in this update today on the new phase of construction that started for the Quiksilver Pro.

He said two monster 18-wheelers showed up on National Blvd today and unloaded a “ton” of equipment in the parking strip usually used by the lifeguards.  He sends in this great series showing the construction down on the beach.

This is the same crew and the same sort of platform that they put together over at the SUPERBLOCK for the Live Site.

These platforms will be used for the announcers, judges, and media during the competition.  The main break will be at National, but the competition brochure, which can be picked up from any of the City’s surf shops, says that Laurelton and Pacific will be used as backups.

It seems everyday a new part of the project is going up.  What else will the coming weeks bring?

I have noticed one thing though.  The hope during the competition is that a Hurricane comes close – like what happened with Earl or Igor last fall.  They create epic swells that the pros will love.  From the position that they are building the platform at though, if we get a hurricane swell, it will likely be underwater.  I’ve added in this photo from Earl last year showing one of the lifeguard towers submerged – which is approximately at the same distance from the water as where the platform is.

Hurricane Earl filling in the beach (Sept 2010)

Photos from the construction follow:

Construction underway

From the boardwalk at National

Stacks of platforms – sort of like beach tetris

A lonely security guard keeping the peace

Update: Another reader agreed that the beach is often washed away in high surf.  He sent over this incredible panoramic from a storm in 2007 that brought water through the boardwalk at National.

10 Replies to “Surfpocalypse Builds on the Beach (Quiksilver Pro Update)”

  1. I live next door to Pacific Beach–this AM when I was leaving for work a HUGE tractor tailer was being back up into the beach. They had all the traffic stopped on Shore Rd. Are they building anything on the beach there “for back up”??

  2. That would definitely be a possibility – a smaller temporary stage that they can use for the competition if the need arises. As you may know, Pacific/Maple break a bit differently than the rest of Long Beach and will sometimes have a great wave while the rest of the beach is flat.

    The other possibility is that they are just using it as an access point to get to National. I believe Pacific is the biggest gate onto the beach for bigger trucks/vehicles, so if they need to do any heavy lifting down at National, they will probably go through there.

    Thanks for the update – if you see anything neat, send in some photos.

  3. I think that this contest will be great for this towns economy and business. i am a long beach native and a surfer and i think this this will finally put New York and its surfers on the charts.

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