Hustle and Bustle for the Quiksilver Pro (Mega Build Update)

(Update 1:30PM: A keen-eyed reader noticed this platform on the beach between Edwards and Riverside knocks out courts 1-9 for the summer volleyball leagues.  The leagues have weeks left to play as well.  I’ve emailed Evolutions Volleyball to see what their plan is)

Following up on yesterday’s construction update, and what will likely be continually followed up as the build enters a more frantic pace, a reader sent in these photos of construction all over the beach and Live Site.  The Quiksilver Pro is coming to town.  Hide yo kids, hide yo wife.

Also, several (if not all) beach pass booths have gotten a much needed new paint job – actually sticker wrap.  I’ve got to say they look awesome.

To the user JS5257, it appears they are using the entrance at Pacific as a staging area.  I watched a large truck bringing down huge pieces of steel girder from Pacific to the site on National.  So, I would say it doesn’t appear they are building anything at the East End yet (though correct me if you see otherwise).

I’m still curious how much of this platform will remain level as the sea rises.  Even during normal high tide/full moon cycles, this stretch of beach can get washed-out, and I believe we have one coming in a few days.

Please continue to send in photos of the construction progress if you see something neat going on around town.

Construction at the Live Site and SUPERBLOCK


Booth at Edwards

Above construction at the SUPERBLOCK

Building at National

Cranes on the beach

More fun in the sand

More trucks playing on the beach

The base of the platform




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  1. I believe so – I saw a guard out yesterday afternoon/evening (looking quite bored) and another was spotted today. A whole lot of hi-jinx could go down there if they don’t have someone hanging around.

  2. Hey Shaun–Thanks for the update–I wasn’t able to get down to the beach yesterday after work–going to try and get over there tonight though–BTW heres the full moon info: 2011 Aug 13 18:57 Sat AND LOOK WHEN THE SEPT FULL MOON IS: 2011 Sep 12 09:27 Mon

  3. You’re right – school is back in session. While I think it may be crowded and busy – it isn’t going to be drunks rioting in the street. You’re barely able to have a beer on the beach during a normal day in the summer

  4. I’m stoked. It’s certainly gonna be a whole lot more interesting and exciting than those lame craft fairs on the Boardwalk with canopy after canopy of the same old “crafts” year after year you see every place else. I went jogging last night and couldn’t believe how big those platforms were. And it looks like a stage where the old fire tower used to be.

    Can’t wait to see the t-shirts.

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