Regarding that Red Hot Chili Peppers Rumor…..

“I heard that the Red Hot Chili Peppers are going to play Long Beach at the Quiksilver Pro.”

This rumor is really getting around: received several emails about it, overheard it at the gym, got comments on this blog as I write this article… What’s the deal? Any truth to the rumor, or is the person who made it up having a good laugh? This is all we know now:

  1. The Quiksilver Pro lineup was announced and The Red Hot Chili Peppers are not on the list:
  2. Anthony Kiedis & Flea both surf.
  3. The Red Hot Chili Peppers are currently touring and there is a gap between September 1st and September 11th: (source: Red Hot Chili Peppers 2011 Tour Dates), but New York isn’t normally a stop between Mexico City and Costa Rica.

August 30th: Mexico City. Mexico

(September 1st – 11th:  uh….LONG BEACH, NY ???????)

September 12th: San Jose, Costa Rica

September 14th: Lima, Peru

September 15th: Lima, Peru

The Red Hot Chili Peppers could of been involved in early talks, but had to back out due to their own tour commitment. So maybe that’s how the rumor got started in the first place. Unless somebody can give us some hard, cold evidence, I doubt we’ll be seeing Flea’s penis in a sock in Long Beach anytime soon. The lineup was announced and the Flaming Lips are going to bring a lot more people here than you think (I saw them in concert opening for Beck and couldn’t believe how many fans they have.) Let’s definitely file this one under rumors and keep it there.


So, what is the deal with that “special surprise performance” on September 3rd? (Source – The Quiksilver Pro – The Biggest + Best Music and Athlete Lineup). Ahh.. just something to keep the rumor alive…  I guess we’ll never know, until that day comes 🙂



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5 thoughts on “Regarding that Red Hot Chili Peppers Rumor…..”

  1. I dont doubt that the RHCPs will be performing. With the Rolling Stones already confirmed as the closing act this is turning into SurfStock.

    Should be quite a few weeks.

  2. I can hardly wait for these freaks to entertain all the rest of the freaks in the audience.
    This will truly be a freak show, both on and off the stage..

  3. The addition today of Carlos Santana and Paul McCartney for the closing night will make for a truly special concert series.

    Will Billy Joel reprise his Shea Stadium duet with Mr. McCartney?

    Word is yes

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