Live from the Beach (Quiksilver Pro Saturday Construction)

Down on the beach today between National and Magnolia, some work was still going on at the competition site.  Now without a lot of the heavy lifting done, it’s becoming clearer what each structure will be.  It’s like playing with legos – all the big containers are actually pre-built with window slots and doors for what will be their eventual purpose.

The top picture was first a bunch of shipping containers stacked and has now taken shape.  It will be used for the judges and commentators.  The blue is actually just protectant films over plexiglass.  I’m not sure if they will fill in the hole in the middle with stuff – more cameras – or just a big sponsor’s banner.

Here’s what will be the camera station for video and still shooting.  I’m curious if they will demolish the lifeguard mound On August 31st to make more room – and make sure shots aren’t blocked.  My guess – yes they will.  Does anyone remember from previous summers when they demolish the mounds across the beach?

This guy – what originally looked like a big ass dance floor – has now gotten some containers and a tent put on top.  This will be the athletes “green room” of sorts.  The wood panels are likely protecting windows behind them (like the one with the blue film already exposed).  This area will have video feeds of the competition so the competitors can watch and get ready before heats.  Also they will store many of the competitors surfboards and gear.  Eventually a ramp will come out from the door on the left and lead down to the water.

What’s it looking like down at the Live Site and between Edwards and Riverside?  Where I was today, the crowds were not bad and there wasn’t any problems related to the construction eating up the beach.  But when I looked east, the beach was absolutely packed.  I’m sure there must be people butting up against the platforms and other do-dads.

Without a doubt, construction is in high gear and Quiksilver is making it look like they know what they’re doing.  The next drama will be when the City of Long Beach catches up.  Anyone remember that whole “parking pass” thing?  Well, we’ve made calls and will update you on the hilarity Monday.

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5 thoughts on “Live from the Beach (Quiksilver Pro Saturday Construction)”

  1. that section of magnolia and national is always empty.. The side that is packed like sardines is always packed like sardines. City people walk off the train and go straight down Edwards and beach Edwards only. Saw no difference from last weekend.

  2. Nowhere in this article does it say “if” or “maybe”. Every day it’s becoming more apparent what is being built and what each structure will be used for during the competition. If you aren’t familiar with surf comps and what’s been done in the past – as far as camera towers and competitor changing rooms – then you may think this is all speculation. But aside from that, with the city not revealing any info to the residents all we can really do is guess and speculate and wait to see what happens from sept 1-15.

  3. perhaps large video screens should be set up so people from other parts of the beach do not all have to crowd on to the beach or boardwalk to view it should be made easy for all of the taxpaying residents from all angles also televise on channel 12?- and did anybody check the load on the boardwalk there are going to be too many people on the boardwalk – it could break there better be load bearing Metal I Beams to regulate the load/weight.
    The locals should not be put out ie: parking in front of their homes etc. And in the event there is damage to the boardwalk or public areas LIRR etc There should be a special Escrow fund for repairs set aside now from this event in order to do the right thing.

  4. It will be a two-week exercise in loud mouthed out of towers coming in to LB with vandalism, drunkenness, trash throwing, screaming obscenities, and whatever else we don’t need or want.

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