100 year old article on Surf Casting & Air Force One Flyby

Just a couple of items that were sent to me this weekend that I wanted to share. The first one is little glimpse of Long Beach history – An old New York Times article that was send in by Adeel who writes:

Its from 1910. Nothing crazy here, but its interesting to read about Long Beach as a “resort”.

(Read – LONG BEACH.; Surf Casting the Sport of the Week — Prize for the Biggest Fish.)  Written 101 years ago, almost to this day!  You’ll need a PDF reader to see the article on the NY Times website, but here is a snapshot just in case:


The second item is a photo of Air Force One allegedly flying over Long Beach. This photo was taken by Grant. I’m not sure when it was taken, but it’s cool none-the-less.

Got any more photos, articles or news items? Keep sending them in!





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