Hipster Kids Rejoice (Matt & Kim Are Coming to the Quiksilver Pro)

It seems Quiksilver may have snuck another band in under all our noses.  A close-reading tipster pointed out that the brooklyn hipster band, Matt & Kim are listed on the Quiksilver Pro website, while not included in the press release that has the concert schedule.

I double-checked this with Matt & Kim’s website and they will indeed be here Saturday, September 3rd.

Matt & Kim will be joining several other indy-dance bands, like Girl Talk to make up what should be a very upbeat musical set.  A whole lotta music that should bring a grin to even the most jaded Quiksilver Pro attendee.


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  1. Loved that video! Which reminds me–my BF mentioned that the advertisment for the tourny has really been heating up in subways and posters all over NYC–

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