Parking Crisis 2011 Update (They’ve Got a Plan)

To follow-up on Parking Crisis 2011, and after seeing this blurb updated in the Quiksilver Pro FAQ:

“There will be some resident-only parking restrictions from Magnolia Boulevard to Monroe Boulevard, south of Park Avenue.  Detailed information is available online at  You will may also visit the City Clerk’s office in City Hall to find out how to obtain a temporary permit.”

I gave Town Hall a quick call to figure out what’s going on.

The extremely helpful Cathy at Town Hall explained that the plan is not yet finalized – perhaps the web update was premature – but it would be done within days.

I reiterated the concerns that much of the City (i.e. the 12 people that read this) were beginning to feel the idea of resident parking was simply being abandoned, but she emphasized that the City was taking it very seriously and would have something shortly.

Though she wasn’t too keen to answer other direct questions, I did get an interesting factoid.

Whatever form this “resident parking” takes, it will be free.  Though, as she kept saying, details were not yet “finalized.”

Basically though, if the parking plan is for some resident parking only on Broadway from Monroe to Magnolia, there is no plan worth publishing at all.  That minimal of a parking restriction will lead to no tourist or visitor parking at Jones Beach.  Considering the main event venue is at National, it’s comical that National is not included in the possible boundary (nor extending many blocks to the west).  I assume though this early posting was in error, and in no way the final product.  Update (thanks the_allegria_sucks):  That’s what you got for rushing, mentally, I mixed up Edwards and Magnolia.  For some reason I do that a lot.  But the basic point stands, the boundary needs to be extended well past MAGNOLIA.  Time shall tell.

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6 thoughts on “Parking Crisis 2011 Update (They’ve Got a Plan)”

  1. Thanks again, Shaun. They do need to consider National, Riverside and Pacific since those are the “competition” beaches. I say residents only south of Park. But I’m biased 🙂

  2. Last I checked, National is between Magnolia and Monroe 🙂

    It should be extended further west than Monroe though since most of the work being done on the beach is being built between National and Magnolia.

  3. It seems we’ve gone from restricted parking zone to “some parts South of Park”… so I agree, why would anyone want to park at Jones Beach when they can park in the non-“some parts South of Park”…..

    I guess they needed to give the hotel an out, big surprise!!

  4. what about people who have parking in their garages between those streets? Will they be able to drive to their buildings and will they need permits to do so?

  5. C’mon Shaun–give yourself alittle credit–theres more then 12 of us! HAHA! I agree with Tracy–South of Park for residents ONLY–Everyone else–Jones Beach and hop on a shuttle–I can deal with that–Heck if I come home after 7pm on a regular night Im practically parking ON Park anyway-

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