Who You Should be Rooting For During Surfpocalypse (Balaram Stack)

Photo: Stafford/SPL

In this edition of Better Know a Local Pro, I’m going to show you some highlights of the barrier beach’s own, Balaram Stack.  The 19-year-old is a surfing machine from Point Lookout, sponsored by Quiksilver – among others – and already has earned his wildcard entrance to the Quiksilver Pro in September.  This goofy-footer has been surfing since he was a young lad and can be spotted out in the break year-round.

And if you’re a LIRR commuter, you already have seen his face on this month’s “train talk,” ripping a hollow right at Lido West.

Photo: Stafford/SPL

After a few heats, quarter finals, and semifinals, Balaram himself could be squaring off against some of the big guns – Kelly Slater, Taj Burrow, Dane Reynolds – for the chance to win $300,000.

When someone asks you who you want to win the Quiksilver Pro, don’t say, “what’s surfing.”  Don’t say, “Kelly Slater.”  Say, “Balaram Stack” – the local who all of Long Beach should be behind.

And enjoy some of his highlight reel below:

From Quiksilver’s “Moments” collection, this video has some great shots of winter LB surfing

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