Parking Crisis Solved (And Not a Minute Too Soon)

After much consternation, the City has followed through and posted info on resident parking during surfpocalypse.   I’ve only had a few to look over this, but from what I see, this is a very reasonable and balanced approach that respects businesses and residents.  I think the only area that needs to be changed is expanding the parking zone well past Magnolia.  Perhaps the whole side of Broadway should be “resident only”  for the full length of the road.
The good:
– Permits are free
– Special officers will be posted to enforce the rules
– Permits can be obtained without a Long Beach license (renters can get in on the fun with a number of proof of residency options)
– Resident parking covers several blocks between Park and Broadway
– Hours at the City’s office have been extended to handle the rush for permits
The bad:
– Parking boundary only goes from Monroe to Magnolia
– Residents are not given a basket of candies for their troubles
And a direct link to the  PDF

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7 thoughts on “Parking Crisis Solved (And Not a Minute Too Soon)”

  1. City screwed up again! It’s pointless to even do this… If I was coming to LB for the surf comp why would I go to the “approved” parking area at Jones Beach and take a 20minute bus ride when I can park right at the live site (or maybe 1 whole block away)???

  2. Do we know if anyone in LB can get a permit, or just if you live in the affected area? IS the permit linked to the car’s license plate?

  3. If you take a look at what they put up, it says the only requirement is a Long Beach address. I frankly don’t see people in the West End flocking to city hall to get a parking pass for the few hundred spots around central Long Beach though.

    The form requires a licence plate, and I’m sure the permit will be “linked.” Do I think when they are checking permits they will then confirm the permit is to the right car? No.

  4. “…boulevards and on the south side of Beech St., Olive St. and Walnut St.” I live south of Walnut…on a street, not a boulevard. Just say “south of Park avenue” and it’ll be great. I’m getting a permit anyway and will just park on those streets if necessary. It’s not like I can’t walk a couple of blocks to get home!

  5. “we anticipate a number of parking spaces along Broadway to be eliminated during the busiest days of the event (September 3rd, 4th, 5th & 10th) for public safety and emergency vehicle access. We ask that all residents try to park their vehicles in their driveways to make parking less difficult for their neighbors”

    I live on Broadway. Am I royally screwed…even w/temp parking pass?

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