Parking Passes Have Arrived (Quiksilver Pro Souvenirs)

Parking Passes Have Arrived (Quiksilver Pro Souvenirs)

(Update 8/19/2011:  I headed down to the Clerk’s office today and got my own pair of passes.  No line, no problem)

That’s right, two parking passes – numbered 6 and 7 – in the wild.  Get yours while they are still fresh and hot off the presses.  A sleeveless-tipster shot over the above passes and confirmed there are a “limited number” and that anyone with an LB address can get one.

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4 thoughts on “Parking Passes Have Arrived (Quiksilver Pro Souvenirs)

  1. I was up there at 9:30am today and walked right in and out within 5mins–Im “officialy” #36!! My parking worrys are over! Yeah right! HAHA!

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