Concert Schedule Update (No More Q-Tip)

In Part II of Why Residents Should Relax, Quiksilver has posted a detailed schedule for the exact times each band will go on during the 8 days there will be concerts over at the Live Site.

The biggest surprise for many will be that the last acts go on between 6:00 and 6:15PM.  Meaning, the shows will be done by around 7:30PM.  Many residents were concerned that the 9PM closing time of the Live Site would coincide with the ending of the concerts.  Remember, the Summer Concert Series plays till 10PM.

Now it is clear the concerts are scheduled to end much earlier than the closing of the Live Site, which should make those living in the immediate area much happier.  More time to disperse crowds, more parking spots opening up.  Following news that the Live Site is now dry, this should help everyone relax just a bit.

And of course, in the second bit of monumental news, Q-Tip has dropped out of the music lineup.  I’m just crushed by this.  What a loss for surfpocalypse.

Saturday, Sept. 3
1:15 pm – Rudy
2:15 pm – Mat Mchugh/The Beautiful Girls Solo & Acoustic
3:30 pm – Saves the Day
5:00pm – Matt & Kim
6:15 pm – Girl Talk

Sunday, Sept. 4
1:15 pm – Bigger
2:15 pm – The English Beat
3:30 pm – The Ettes
4:45 pm – Portugal, The Man
6:00 pm – Interpol

Monday, Sept. 5
1:15 pm – Wildlife
2:30 pm – The Wicked Tomorrow
3:30 pm – Blackbells
4:45 pm – Civil Twilight
6:00 pm – Black Rebel Motorcycle Club

Tuesday, Sept. 6
3:15 pm  – Withersby
4:15 pm – Flight’s Kool
5:30 pm  – Badfish, a Tribute to Sublime

Wednesday, Sept. 7
3:15 pm – Mike Krum
4:15 pm – Temporary Grace
5:30 pm – The Benjamins

Thursday, Sept. 8
3:15 pm – Andy Suzuki & The Method
4:30 pm – River City Extension
5:45 pm  – State Radio

Friday, Sept. 9
1:15 pm – Hugo
2:15 pm  – Charlotte O’Connor
3:30 pm – Wavves
4:45 pm – Neon Indian
6:00 pm – The Flaming Lips

Saturday, Sept. 10
1:15 pm  – Rye Rye
2:30 pm  – The Sounds
4:00 pm – Taking Back Sunday
5:30 pm – Kelly and Friends + Max Weinberg Experience

What afternoon is looking best to you?  My money is on Saturday the 3rd.







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  1. My boyfriend said the Red Hot Chili Peppers rumor is VERY ALIVE and KICKING-His cab driver the other day said that they are the surprise guest–

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