“Multiple Fights on Multiple Floors” (Allegria Brawl)

(Update: Reader video posted below) While I’m used to seeing the police blotter full of drunkards getting into it on Beech Street in the wee hours of the morning, I was quite surprised when a massive fight broke out at the Allegria on Sunday Evening.

According to the hotel, DJ Theo was playing a “roof party” at their outdoor/indoor roof bar.  This event was canceled on the last two Sundays due to weather, but was held yesterday – despite the storm.

I’ve received several emails about this and haven’t seen it covered anywhere else, so I figured I’d put up what I saw (I’m in the area), and what I’ve been able to put together from the City.

The consensus is that 10-20 men and women engaged in a fist fight that spilled from the parking garage and lobby onto West Broadway – in the middle of the street.  Quickly, more than 6 police cars arrived on the scene and 3 ambulances.  LBPD worked to bring the situation under control on the street and several officers went into the hotel.  They stayed on the scene for around an hour.  It was not clear if anyone was arrested or injured.

Rich Corbett with the LBFD told SeabytheCity exclusively that:

“FD was called there by PD for an assault victim. After that person was transported to LBMC an assistant chief was on scene and requested 2 more ambulances to stand by due to multiple fights on multiple floors. Nobody else was transported. ”

I’ve reached out to the LBPD to find out what happened and what could have sparked such a scene – and will update when I hear back.  Certainly, some level of unruliness occurs – and should be expected –  when you pack a room with people and alcohol, but last night was over the top, even by Long Beach standards.

According to Facebook user “Laura” who posted on the Allegria’s Facebook Page:
“Things got a little crazy at the rooftop party last night. The music was bananas. The crowd was jersey shore wannabes unfortunately. Too much meat on show from the boobs hanging out to the steroid heads!”

At roughly 10PM, DJ Theo tweeted “5-0 shutting the party down :(”

Around 11PM, I saw a group of three older guests having a conversation with a hotel staffer  in front of the lobby – with their baggage on a cart.  A car pulled up, they put their luggage in and as they drove away, the hotel staffer said “have fun at the Marriott.”  Not a good way to end the night.

A reader sent in this video of the brawl

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  1. Send them back to Paddys! Funny how there’s multiple PD on the scene for over an hour and an assault victim left in a ambulance but there were no arrests. We can’t ruin the Allegria name!

  2. I’m still trying to decide if I prefer the obnoxious purple lights from the hotel or the seemingly constant flashing lights from emergency vehicles parked outside the hotel shining into my apartment.

  3. You can put part of the blame on whoever was at the door (if there even was someone). If the Allegria truly wants to be what they proclaim themselves to be, then they would have had a very selective person at the door who knows how to avoid problems like these.

  4. Alright – they’ve scrubbed their page today and taken out the comment. Of course, that’s their choice to do. I have screen grabs of the before and after if you’re curious.

  5. We love it….and there are A LOT of us!
    I wish we had a camera for that shit hole building across the street from the hotel…
    What a dump ….hey where is beer pong table?

  6. And what building do you live in? If you knew anything, you would be applauding us for removing ALL the section 8 from the building as well as re-doing the entire courtyard area and patios. Do you even remember all the crackheads that used to live there and how bad it was??? Yes, we still need some cosmetic work done and we’re raising the money to do it. We also had a bad fire a few years ago which also didn’t help matters.

  7. Long Beach is about small town/relaxed atmosphere where everyone goes out in sandals and enjoys themselves. If you want juice heads, fights and shiny shoes when it’s 100 degrees out go to the Hamptons or Paddy McGees. The Allegria is everything Long Beach isn’t.

  8. They walked out of the Allegria, pissed on the cars parked on Broadway and then came into our courtyard looking to fight. What are you a dishwasher at the hotel Peter??

  9. I was there before this whole thing happened. The girls were amazing. There were lots of muscle heads and you know that there was going to be drama. I left way before it got ugly. I’m just happy know one feel from the pool area. Its a really nice roof top bar and pool area and is very similar to Miami style pool parties. Long Island just doesn’t seem to be able to handle it. What a shame!

  10. That “dump” you speak of actually houses some of the best people in all of long beach =) I really do like the allegria but I wish they would embrace the lifestyle here a little more. Until then, I will embrace the “dumps” of long beach and their beer pong tables!

  11. This is exactly why nobody wanted this hotel and bar. The rooftop bar has been open.. for.. what? a month? And already a brawl on the streets. Shut this place down an go across the bridge!

  12. Peter on Tuesday, August 23rd, 2011 at 4:06 pm

    No I have no affiliation to the hotel. We enjoy going there. If you don’t like it maybe they can bring back the king David..

    Maybe they will, by the sound of the reviews they get about the Hotel… The King David might do well with the Fish lights, and Bouncers at ever door.

  13. Tell that wise ass who said “Maybe we should bring back the King David”
    That the King David never had any Mini Riots, fights, drunks parking problems and so much bad publicity in all the years that they were there.

  14. I live in the Ocean club, right next door to the hotel, and I have to tell you that anyone who says they like this place has to be part of the staff.
    They are nothing but a nuisance, and have problems day in and day out.

  15. oh hi, it’s me… Laura who posted the comment on allegria that night. I didn’t know it had been used here in the cover of the story. Just found this link so will be following.
    So on that night my husband and I left at around 7 pm. I have always been an avid club goer, mostly in the city and started to feel bad vipes. People were staring at each other and guys were taking their shirts off, which is never a good sign. I knew it was time to go! The next day we got a phone message from the bank saying our credit card had been compromised and someone had tried to order a bunch of clothing online. The bartender from the rooftop party had kept our credit card and tried to use it!

  16. We then went back to the Allegria to find some answers. We asked to speak to a manager and it seemed like no management was there. A staff member who came out from the restaurant who claimed to be some kind of manager, listened to what had happened and apologized. She took down our information and said someone would get back to us. Then offered us a free drink… Woo frickin hoo! Have not heard from anyone since.

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