Unleash the Fury (Hurricane Season Spins Up)

The Quiksilver Pro is fast approaching and this summer’s waves have been comically bad.  To be clear, June-August are traditionally the flattest months of surf for the North East, but this summer was especially a sleeper.

Now hurricane season is finally producing some results.

Hurricane Irene, already a CAT 2 with 100MPH winds may begin skirting up the coast and could hit Long Beach with extremely large surf.  Whether it will be clean and rideable is another story.  Depending on swell direction and wind it could either be a mess – or clean giants like during Hurricane Earl.  The forecast right now is looking for the surf to really start kicking up around Saturday and go through sometime Monday.  Because the storm is so far off, it’s tough to create a better forecast.  Being fashionably early, she will be here too soon to be a benefit to the the competition, though I wouldn’t be surprised if some of the athletes get here early to check out the swell if it starts producing.  Could run into some interesting people out in the break.

Most interestingly though,  Irene may be bringing some friends.

Two low pressure systems are developing west of Africa and gathering strength.  Their course is unknown at this point – and they could fizzle as these sorts of disturbances often do – but this gives hope for the surf that’s wanted during the competition.

As one lifeguard said to me Saturday, “we need waves for this to succeed.”

Let’s hope the Atlantic stays active and some storms generate good surf for Kelly, Balaram, and the rest of the boys during surfpocalypse.

This also gives me another chance to post the hilarious video Quiksilver put together

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