Hurricane Irene (Gloria’s Younger Sister?)

(Water pours through gates under the boardwalk at the San Romeo on Monroe Blvd, Photo by Phil Kesch, former manager of the San Remo, I Love LB

Hurricane Irene is already a Category 3 storm with sustained winds of 120MPH and is bearing down on North Carolina.  Its path is quite similar to one that came through here 26 years ago – Hurricane Gloria in 1985.  By the time Gloria got to New York, it was packing 100MPH winds and left Long Island with hundreds of millions of dollars of damage, under water, and without power for days.

(Post Gloria on Broadway, credit: Robin Stein, I Love LB

First Gloria’s track

And Irene’s current projection

The similarities are obvious, but there are still a lot of factors that will influence Irene’s course.  Long Beach has already been inundated with water enough times this month, with record rainfall of 11 inches falling a little more than a week ago.  And that storm I was speculating about here is strengthening as well.   Time to buy the sand bags.

(Post Gloria in the West End, credit: Robin Stein, I Love LB

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5 thoughts on “Hurricane Irene (Gloria’s Younger Sister?)”

  1. Hi, as a LB resident i love this site — thanks for all the hard work that goes into it! Anyone have an update on when the hurricane is supposed to hit long beach this weekend?

  2. Appreciate it!

    I’ll put an update online around 2PM when the NHC updates the hurricane track.

    For now it looks like more of the same – storm could pass directly over the Island as a Cat 2 (same as Gloria) around noon on Sunday. It will all depend what happens when the storm comes off of North Carolina – it could strengthen or weaken and the course could radically change.

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