The Aftermath: Share your stories & videos!

Sorry for the lack of reports. I’m wayyyyyyy too tired, as I’m sure most of you are as well. I have to say, The Allegria gave some great Facebook updates during the storm. So, serious props to them.

Please share your stories, videos, photos or youtube links. Email me if you can’t attach or link them in the comments thread.

I took some video myself, but my camera is acting weird.. probably waterlogged. Here are a few videos floating around youtube. I’m sure you’ve seen most of these already:

Al Roker tripping in some sandy mud:

The Lifeguard house: I just heard this one was on Italian national news @ 8pm Italian time.

West End Floods:

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14 thoughts on “The Aftermath: Share your stories & videos!”

  1. A neighbor got some footage midday Sunday of Maryland Ave – the southern part of which amazingly never flooded. Unfortunately the northern part did, as did Beech St and Park Ave.

  2. Anyone who stayed behind is an idiot, pure and simple.

    If this storm had been as bad as it was originally projected, people would be dealing with a lot more than flooded basements.

  3. Wow the most recognized weatherman in America… Really, and that’s what? I guess he’s as big a name as justin beaver. All these names and $1.25 will get you on the Subway.

  4. He’s a weatherman that broadcasts all over America, not just NY. The guys net worth is estimated at around 20 million dollars. For a weatherman, that is pretty impressive.

    Listen, I am not a giant AL Roker fan. I don’t have his poster hanging up in my bedroom, but why all the hatred? Did he key your car or toilet paper your house or something?

    I’m really not going to entertain this conversation any further because it’s just plain silly, but I just don’t understand all the Al Roker hatred.

  5. By the way, did you hear that President Obama has done such a horrible job with the economy and foreign policy that now Kenyans are accusing him of being born in the United States

  6. (Claudia Ramon, Melanie, Holeymoses, Itoldyaso) Same Person.

    Anyways, I’m sorry. I sometimes forget that it’s a free country and you are allowed to hate whoever you want. I hate Al Qaeda and you hate Al Roker. Hey, at least we have one thing in common – we both hate Al’s!

    I can’t believe I am arguing with somebody (Claudia Ramon, Melanie, Holeymoses, Itoldyaso) over Al Roker.. Ok, lets move on….

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