A Perfect Gutter-Ball (Quiksilver Pro May Get the Surf, Sans Damage)

While everyone in Long Beach – and the rest of the east coast – is working to clean up, the Atlantic storm season is not taking a break.  Tropical Depression 12, which will be called Tropical Storm Katia, is rapidly building and picking up speed.

Nervous?  You shouldn’t be.  Meterorolgiists are already calling this system a classic “gutter-ball” and “fish storm.”  ‘canes like this often build up to a Catagorey 3, but because of their track, get pushed out sea, and only bother the fish… and Bermuda.  Sorry Bermuda.  Obviouslly, things can change – let’s hope they don’t – but right now, this is no threat to the East Coast.

Why am I excited about this gutter-ball?  A big mean hurricane in the open ocean is the perfect recipie for epic (damage free) surf.  If anyone was out on the boardwalk  – or in the surf – today between 6AM-9AM they would have seen what great hurricane waves look like when the storm isn’t right on top of us.

The current swell forecast has the LI coast starting to feel some wave activity around Saturday, and then only getting bigger and bigger for the next several days.  On news that the Live Site events may be canceled, surfpocalypse now depends on *gasp* SURFING.  It will be more important than ever that the waves

We’re also looking at instability throughout the Atlantic in the middle of this week that may bring a small swell in before Katia gets here.  With everything that Long Beach has had to deal with in the last few days, on top of the months of worry about the Quiksilver Pro, I’m hoping for a great event.

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