Quiksilver Pro (Surfpocalypse ) is back on schedule.

The Quiksilver Pro is still scheduled to go on by the end of this week. (source – Quiksilver Pro New York – Event Update):

Organizers of the Quiksilver Pro New York, the world’s first $1M professional surfing event, are back on the ground in Long Beach, NY today working to rebuild the surf competition and festival sites to deliver the action sports and music experience originally intended before the hurricane Irene.

**The surf contest will have the same “holding period” scheduled for September 1 through 15, with the contest held during 3-4 best days of the waiting period. The Unsound Surf Trials are still scheduled to be held September 1 to 3.**

**All skate/bmx/moto/music events will have the same dates and schedules will be updated throughout the week as the event site is built, so please check back to www.quiksilverpro.com for frequent schedule updates.**

Below are photos of the Quiksilver Pro site taken this morning. By the end of the day you should see some structures already up. 

(Photos taken by Anthony)

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  1. I’m all for them packing their bags and going to California where the dummies with the long blond hair and the surf boards belong.

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