Deja Vu All Over Again (Quiksilver Building Update #79)

(Dawn construction of what will probably be a moved Merch tent)

The Quiksilver Pro is starting momentarily, and having any idea what’s actually going to happen is a mystery.

The most recent confirmed info says that A) the Live Site is done – the concerts, food, BMX/Skate/MotoX demos – while the surf event itself will still go on.

Residents should remember the Quiksilver Pro New York also includes events in New York City that are unaffected, like a Tony Hawk Vert Jam, The Art of Flight snowboard film premiere – which looks amazing – and various other things around the greater area.

Then, I watched as Quiksilver began building again last night and this morning.  The original surf site was at National Blvd, and construction there was nearly finished before the storm hit, so I have a pretty good idea of how that was supposed to look.  Now though, as they reconstruct, they’ve spread out and brought elements from the Live Site – with a platform that looks like the same one that housed the massive merch stand, as well as the Roxy Beach House.

This leads me to speculate that Quiksilver has made the decision that if they can’t have the Live Site, they will rebuild elements of that zone on the beach instead.  Take that City Manager.  Many of the events scheduled to occur were meet and greets with the athletes, poster signings, and just “milling about” sort things.  Not the sort of event that necessarily needed the use of the SUPERBLOCK, just some tents and equipment.

(Note the pink container that will be the Roxy Beach House, originally planned in the Live Site)

Because I have nowhere else to put this, has anyone just suggested the bands use the mobile stages that the City uses for the concerts held all summer?  Those work great and when a concert is on the beach, the crowd can easily spread out.  Security could be posted in the same way it was planned for in the Live Site.

Now of course, I’m led to speculate because repeated phone calls and emails get no response.  Shockingly like in the months that led up to this event.  The number one frustration through this entire process has been the lack of transparency.  The City should been stayed out front during this year-long process and explain what is going on, and the residents will make sense of it.  To note a few examples: the resident parking crisis that was left to the last minute; Alcohol sales – here, then scrapped at the last minute with seemingly no input or explanation; The concert times, originally ending at 9pm, then changed – or simply not made clear –  to 6-7pm.

Then obviously we have the post-Irene aftermathEvent is onEvent is half on.  Event is offEvent is half on. 

At this point, the only way we will be able to confirm anything about these events will be after they occur.  We’ll be getting our media credentials shortly, so look forward to all sorts of continued surfpocalypse coverage.


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10 thoughts on “Deja Vu All Over Again (Quiksilver Building Update #79)”

  1. I think the beer garden was scrapped and the concerts moved up because residents were worried about drunks and their precious babies getting enough sleep for school if the concerts went too late.

    I think residents came out in droves against this, and the city just chipped away at it little by little. Surfers make up a small part of LB (I was totally shocked by that) – drunks and douchebags make up a much larger part, most unfortunately.

  2. Just wanted to say I love your blog! It is fair and informative, so thank you!! I really hope the city and QS find a way to make this work on some scale. I have three your boys and I would love for them to experiece this event in all its glory – and Mom and Dad would love a chance to hang out with our kids on the beach watching extreme sports and listening to music!

  3. Hey we really appreciate that.

    I agree – but even if the event runs in its current scaled-down version, we have at least two more years. If anything this could be a learning experience for the City

  4. Great idea to use the mobile stages. They can be set up a distance from the boardwalk so more people could sit on the beach. Set up another poll and send the results to the City Council.

  5. I won’t take credit for it and don’t think it could even be remotely possible one of these rocket scientists over there haven’t thought it up themselves. If you have a minute give City Hall a call – perhaps they’ll listen to you!

  6. I’m starting to wonder if they are going to leave the lifeguard HQ where it is, and leave the boardwalk looking like shit where it took the hit so everything looks extra ghetto so they can either a.) scrap the whole event or B.) convince Quik to never want to come back.

    Personally, I think that’s why they only started excavating the lots in August – the foot dragging was meant to show Quiksilver what a shitty town LB is, and they really don’t want to hold a world class event here.

  7. I’m not sure that’s true about ‘two more years’. Everything I’ve heard is that all parties have an ‘opt out’ clause after this year. The City, QS and the chamber were/are scheduled to sit down on 10/15 to assess the event and make decisions about moving forward. Any single one of them can opt out. If things stay the way they are, my money would be on QS using their opt out right and Long Beach blowing a huge opportunity to showcase the town and bring in $15 million a year for the next several years. Hate to be a downer, but that’s what I’ve heard from multiple people who’ve been at the chamber meetings.

  8. You’re absoltutely right. It all depends on several things:
    A) how the event is handled in the city without the live site (crowds, etc.)
    B) how good the surf itself is – which right now looks as good as it could possibly get
    C) how vocal the town is about keeping the event here
    D) how pissed off Quiksilver is about Long Beach screwing them out of their Live Site – The City’s decision, not a fault of Irene

  9. Someone is awfully busy at Quicksilver site tonight. Live across the street and at 11:15 p.m. the sound of the ocean and trucks is in the air. Can hardly wait for daylight to see what has been reborn.

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