The Long Beach Monster?

Did we just get our very own Montauk Monster?  This one was sent in by Jacquie, who directed me to this link (akooksjournal – Chupacabra rides Irene). also picked up on the story (read- Sad, Dead Hurricane Beast Spotted on Long Island.)

That Ring-Billed Gull in the upper left-hand corner sees dinner. We see a beast that washed ashore at Lafayette Blvd after the Hurricane. I have no idea when this photo was taken and I’m not sure who took it, so sorry no credit was given. I have no other info. I am just going by the legitimacy of that this identified creature washed ashore in Long Beach. If anybody can chime in, please do so.

Quite frankly, Looks like a dead bear to me.

UPDATE: The photo was taken by Jerry Otero, who sent me another one.  uh….. enjoy! (and I apologize in advance)

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6 thoughts on “The Long Beach Monster?”

  1. This poor dog was washed up on the beach between Washington & Lindell Sunday afternoon. I had a camera but thought better of taking a photo.. Up close, it looked like a pit bull mix, big jaws, big square head. Pretty big dog.

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