Yeah, I added a POLL. Are you for or against the Quiksilver Pro decision?

Ok folks, time for democracy to work. I got this idea from a reader named Andrew who writes:

hi.  i would be curious to see a vote tally of who is for and who
is against Theofans decision.  can you set one up on the website?

Well I sure can! The poll is on the top of the side bar (to the right of this article). Lets see how the majority of you feel. Comments on how you voted are encouraged. The Poll closes on September 4th – the first day of the event in Long Beach.


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10 thoughts on “Yeah, I added a POLL. Are you for or against the Quiksilver Pro decision?”

  1. I wasn’t for the whole thing from the beginning, as a selfish local. But I will say that the city should either not have the Quicksilver Pro at all, or go balls to the wall and have the whole thing. This bits and pieces thing is for the birds.

    I am all about the surfing aspect of the surf comp and cant wait to see the pros rip up the lb break that we all know and love. But free concerts, BMX, Moto, etc. would be cool on the off / non-surf days.

    To Theofan… BOO THIS MAN!!

  2. I voted against.

    I know the event is all about the surfing, but I am pretty bummed out that there won’t be BMX, skateboarding and the concerts. A lot of those bands are up and coming and it would of been cool to see some of them before they break out. That, plus I love music.

    That being said, I am so glad that the entire event wasn’t cancelled, but to me it’s all or nothing. I wish we had all.

    Flame away, but I don’t care. i am entitled to my opinion.

  3. i voted against. if your neighbor rents his house for 20k for 2 weeks then maybe he fixes up that yard, creates value to your street, and then spends the money in our local restaurants. money coming in is good in these times and we just looked a gift horse in the mouth. pure micro economics and theofan single handedly stopped the flow of money to our town.

  4. I didn’t read the question carefully and I voted “for!”…thinking I was voting “for” Quiksilver!!! But I’m “against” Theofan’s decision…so my vote was entered the wrong way and I can’t nullify it!!! Make sure it’s not counted that I’m for Theofan because I am NOT!!! Thanks.

  5. most the people who are for theofans decision are for it because they simply dont want the contest in the first place, not because of Irene. the question is (considering that the contest was on in the first place) was theofans decisions justified by Irene. this is not whether you like it or not. i believe the events are ok to run besides Irenes effects. and the city made a knee jerk reaction. they used this as an excuse to cancel an event that got larger than they expected. meanwhile quiksilver was doing a great job.

  6. Mr. Theofan works for the City Council. We elect the City Council. I am sure that SOME ONE on the Coucil directed Mr. Theofan, given the nature of this decision and its scope, both economically and politically. It is really a shame that the people in charge did not trust in their decision to host Quiksilver, because all of our city departments, from Sanitation to Police, Fire, Beach Patrol, Beach Maintenance, Sewer and their department heads and ultimately their boss, the City Manager, have done a pretty good job getting us ready and cleaning up after IRENE. Too bad someone didn’t believe in them.

  7. I am For Mr. Theofan’s decision and I know that 90 percent of my neighbors are against this noise making, construction that has been going on for the past 3 weeks as well. This is a family neighbood full of apartments and Condo’s, were is is not wanted. It don’t belong here, it should be somewhere on the West End where the Bars are and the people like that sort of stuff, I don’t.
    So I vote to go along with Mr. Theofan’s decision. And I usually don’t.

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