Balaram Updates on the Quiksilver Pro (New Video)

In the below video just posted by Quiksilver, the barrier’s own, Balaram Stack updates the world on the status of the competition.  Spliced in is some great footage of Long Beach getting rocked and then it switches to what seems to be pre-recorded stock footage that was going to go up anyway.  I will note though that not once are the words “Long Beach” uttered.

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2 thoughts on “Balaram Updates on the Quiksilver Pro (New Video)”

  1. Wow, now that is really embarrassing. All these pros are coming to long beach thinking they are going to get a slice of NYC but instead they are going to find chicken shit long beach which just cancelled the events. Wow. That is funny. There is one good thing about all this tho and that is that at least it provides a clear example of how the little minds of easily half the people in long beach operate. This city has zero to do with NYC, and when quicksilver or any other event realize it there will never be an attempt at showcasing this petty little town again.

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