Editorial: Soaking in the Quiksilver Pro (sans festival) Acceptance.

I feel the same way as Lando Calrissian: This Quiksilver Pro deal is getting worse all the time: First they take away the booze, then the concert times changed + no more Q-Tip and now no festivals (skate/bmx/motox/concerts). We can definitely blame the first two on The City of Long Beach (the galatic empire?). No booze and earlier concerts would surely appease the complaining residents, but what about the festivals? Like I said, this Quiksilver Pro deal is getting worse all the time…. But, maybe this decision by the City is justified.

Contrary to an article I wrote the other day (see – Editorial: Soaking in the Quiksilver Pro (sans festival) Disappointment), I’m going to give you the other viewpoint: Why the festivals got cancelled and why we have to learn how to deal and accept.

Here is the City’s official statement (source – QUIKSILVER PRO NEW YORK SURF CONTEST WILL RUN). The stuff I want to talk about is highlighted in red:

August 30, 2011 – Quiksilver is working closely with the City of Long Beach to preserve the heart of the professional surf contest scheduled to start on Sunday, September 4 in light of the impact of Hurricane Irene and concerns for the Long Beach community, which suffered significant damage from the storm.  The Quiksilver Pro is scheduled to start its 11-day “holding period” on Monday, September 5. The Quiksilver Pro Trials presented by Unsound Surf will run on Sunday, September 4. The situation has been changing daily, and we recognize that City resources are focused on hurricane restoration and clean up as first priority. In that context, the festival and music components of the event are no longer achievable.  The Quiksilver Pro NY is first and foremost about the surf contest and Long Beach has an incredible surfing tradition and spirit.  We are committed to holding the ASP tour event at Long Beach so that together we can promote the sport by bringing together the best surfers in the world to this terrific community.

Lets face the facts: Hurricane (or Tropical Storm) Irene happend and hit us hard. Maybe your place is fine, but many folks in Long Beach suffered severe damage, flooding & loss of electricity. Many are just getting their electric back now. The city needs to focus all of its resources (fire/police/security/maintenance etc.) on helping these residents (our neighbors) get back to a normal life. My house suffered no damage, so I feel kinda crappy complaining I won’t get to see The Flaming Lips, while my neighbors are still pumping water out of their houses. The City is telling us: Let’s keep the crowds down and give our residents a break. They suffered enough. My words, not theres, but I am sure that’s what they’re thinking.

Am I still disappointed? Sure, I’m allowed to be, but emergencies come first. All we can do now is wish for good waves and a smooth successful event.

Let these photos taken by Jerry Otero remind you of the devastation that Long Beach suffered:




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5 thoughts on “Editorial: Soaking in the Quiksilver Pro (sans festival) Acceptance.”

  1. Without a doubt a major problem would be what happens if the show goes on while some residents still don’t have power.

    Obviously the flip side is bad “Long Beach City Manager cares about only profits and Quiksilver, keeps tour on while Long Beach residents are in the midst of the worst disaster to hit the city in years.”

    But, the other side of it is very quickly, the few residents without power story will disappear and instead be replaced by “City puts on best event ever, draws thousands, makes business a fortune, no problems reported.”

    and “City refuses to let storm stop international event, Long Beach rawks!”

    instead we get the bickering and fighting we have now. Oh well.

    Fyi Matt & Kim will be playing a private show at my apartment. Tickets $100 each.

  2. There are pros and cons for both having and not having it. Couldnt they just pustpone the concerts and festivals to the next weekend?

  3. My thought is that Irene was an out not the real reason. In addition, not sure if the bands chosen would have caused mass crowds and if it did then I would would blame the city. What happen here shows how incompetent the city is. To agree to a festival/contest and not realize how many people it would attract shows how incompetent they are. They probably thought this would be like beach tennis.. a big event that no one goes to.

  4. I know for a fact that the Flaming Lips are good for at least 15,000. I saw them open up for Beck several years ago and they have such a hardcore following. Plus they just played Jones Beach and that was almost sold out. Add that with a free performance and you have a lot of folks. I personally wouldn’t of minded though..

  5. Fyi Matt & Kim, Flaming Lips! Wow, I can’t miss them.
    I heard that they are even better then Liberace and Peter, Paul, and Mary…

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