FYI: Residents Get Quiksilver Merch Discount

The Quiksilver Merch Tent is impressive.  Yes, it is the commercialization of surfing at its worst, but it’s pretty neat.

Little known or advertisted fact: Long Beach residents get a 20% discount on all purchases.

Residents need only an ID or resident beach pass.

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3 thoughts on “FYI: Residents Get Quiksilver Merch Discount”

  1. Ah yes, so the local Merchants will get some business from this!
    Quiksilver has their OWN stands in all the local restaurants, in the bars and all over town. So how are the locals going to do business from it… No body knows.
    But the bands play on and the Local Merchants get the shaft.

  2. And don’t forget to ask for FREE souvenir poster when you are at the register! Plus they also give you that cool knapsak bag that you can reuse!

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