Quiksilver Pro FreeSurf Photos (Pros Going Big on Little)

Today, SeabytheCity setup with a massive camera in the media tower at the Quiksilver Pro and shot the early morning surf session and then the Free Surf that began at 12:00 PM.  Any fear that these guys wouldn’t be able to surf a lackluster day should be all but gone after looking at what they could do.  With the surf forecasted to get better and better in the coming days, I can’t wait to see how they rip National Blvd.

Note: I’ll work to identify the pros in the next couple days – if you can tag anyone, please let me know if the comments.  

Getting limber in the AM

Getting the board over the mush

The pros in a circus of cameras and smiles

Flipping it around

Jadson Andre Committing to the air

Jadson Andre didn’t quite get the board back under foot

This one just makes me chuckle

Possibly Travis Logie Coming up off of the lip

Freddy Patacchia Taking Off

Coming in for a landing

Adriano De Souza shooting a 180 air

Jadson Andre believed he could fly

While most airs were landed, some weren’t

Cutting it all the way back

Defying gravity

Bede Durbridge launching an air over the close-out

Balaram Stack hits the lip

Bede Durbridge pulling a massive carve

Fins out

The floater competition begins

Another massive floater

Launching an air

Alejo Muniz totally laid out

The Skudin Boys – Will and Cliff – Getting things setup

Without a doubt, Bede had the biggest carve of the day

Lost in the spray

Sliding over the lip

The pros were amazing to their fans.  Whenever they went in and out of the water, they were swarmed, but didn’t leave till everyone got a photo and an autograph

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