Surfpocalypse Friday Schedule (Katia + Finals)

(Kelly looking intense before Round 3)

Note: all surfing is available to watch live here 

Alright surf fans – here’s tomorrow’s schedule.  Note: I was out all day today shooting the pros and have tons of photos to work through – they will be online!

Today’s action was intense.  Josh Kerr killed it with an aerial show that will be remember as a highlight of the entire World Tour.  The heats were intense and the commentators kept saying over and over again how the pumping swell proved Long Beach as a surf destination.  Todd Richards kept remarking about all the haters out there “on the internet” who claimed New York doesn’t have surf, and how this day’s consistent and building surf proved otherwise.

Residents of Long Beach and surfers of Long Beach – LB proved itself today – as not neccesarily a world class wave by any means, but a wave that the pros can use as a playground to showcase their epic abilites.

(Jeremy Flores sprinting for another wave)

What’s on Tap for Tomorrow

FINALS start tomorrow and the competition will be done before lunch.  Plan your schedules accordingly.

The quarter finals (four heats), the semi finals (two heats) and the finals (1 heat) will decide the winner of 300,000$.

The quarterfinals will likely start at 8AM – but could start as early as 7:30AM

The Quarter Final heats are all elimination.  The four heats are as follows

Heat 1 – Taj Burrow vs. Jadson Andre

– Taj the veteran high-flyer versus the Brazilian speed freak

Heat 2 – Josh Kerr versus Kelly Slater

– You need to watch this heat.  Slater, the best all around surfer and most winningest surfer of all time, is pissed he lost Round 4 to Kerr’s aerial antics.  He’s going to want blood – one on one.

Heat 3 – Alejo Muniz versus Heitor Alves

– Two Brazilians squaring off, ushering in the new school of South American surfing

Heat 4 – Owen Wilson versus Julian Wilson

– An Aussie throw-down for all the Fosters in Queensland

Show up early.  If todays 5000 or so fans are any indication, tomorrow morning is going to be nuts!

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  1. Great coverage, Anthony. Keep up the good reporting. I saw the highlights today and they looked awesome. I am glad the competiotion was held here and look forward to it being held here agian next year. Surfing rules and so does Long Beach.

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