Parachuters at the Quiksilver Pro Arrested

How many of you saw these parachuters during the semi-finals today at the Quiksilver Pro?

I just heard from a very reliable source that they weren’t part of the show and were arrested. Turns out to be either a publicity stunt or some ad campaign. I can’t wait for the Long Beach Police Blotter on this one…

It makes perfect sense.. after all, why would Quiksilver do this when Kelly Slater & Taj Burrow are in the water?

(all photos taken by Anthony)

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  1. I did! We noticed that the helicopter was flying very low(dangerously low)- and then noticed parachuters jumping out of it, and they seemed to be right above us. Right when they landed, they were arrested. I’m all for making a statement, but this seemed dangerous and unsafe.

  2. I wish you guys would know a little more about this incident. All you had to do was ask and not speculate towards, what happened. First and foremost, yes I did see this happen at the QuickSilver Pro. Second of all, The company GoPro had permission from the FAA (Federal Aviation Administration) as in the, Federal Government. They had a permit to sky dive on this area. Third thing is, They were professional in every aspect of skydiving and parachuting down from the required elevated space, required for a safe landing in their safe landing zone. Fourth thing, believe it or not, even though these guys were arrested, it was the still the cheapest way to advertise their company. GoPro has a great lawyer and this all should be squared away soon.

  3. Jason, we did an update on this article. You have to search the blog. This article right here was published when everything was speculation.

    We aren’t questioning the professionalism of these skydivers. We were just reporting that they got arrested. that’s all. This is a blog. if I am going to do journalism then I’m gonna have to quit my day job.

  4. Hey Shaun & Anthony try to get the video footage from LB! I can’t find it anywhere – probably has to do with the arrest and whatever bullfeces.

    I’d be great to see eventually!

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