Quiksilver Pro Finals Photos (Big Day at National Blvd)

I’ve got hundreds of photos to go through and tons of content that I’ll follow up with.  For now, here’s a start to the surfpocalypse finals. 

Taj Burrow starts the morning floating it up to the lip

Starting his morning that could net him $300,000

While Kelly surfs, his brother looks on, holding backup boards – most in the crowd have no idea

Alejo Muniz throws his classic layout snap


Kelly after one of the first barrels of the day

Kelly Slater with a big carve

Owen Wright stomps a massive air

The waves were absolutely perfect for the final heat, with the athletes avoiding many of the heavier close-outs

Literally thousands of people play hooky on a Friday to watch the world’s best surf Long Beach’s best

The way Kelly’s final heat went – all trys, no landings.  The fundamental surfing that got him through to here was abandoned for flashy air attempts

Throwing up the shakas, and a smile that didn’t disappear for hours

The boys talk light-heartedly during their first face-to-face after the heat.  They were like little kids, super pumped about the waves, and no grudges or attitude.
While he might not have won, walking home with $100,000 after a beautiful day of surfing works out just fine for this guy
In case you were wondering where the party was
Kelly offering Owen his first victory toast
Slater, with the tables turned after the last time these two competitors met at Tahiti
For some of the locals at Edwards Blvd, it was just another big surf day

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