A few thoughts regarding the Quiksilver Pro & Local Business.

There is some discussion going on in my post (see- Some advice for the Quiksilver Pro Merch Team) regarding the Quiksilver Merch Tent and local business.  I just want to make a few points that would probably get lost in the comments section.  If anybody wants to write a counter-point, I’ll be more than happy to post it in it’s own thread.

A few thoughts regarding the Quiksilver Pro & Local Business:

I try to support local businesses as much as I can. I know it may seem unfair how Quiksilver rolls into town with their 20% resident discount tent, while all of our local business are left out in the cold, but let’s look at a few facts:

  1. Quiksilver is bringing us a FREE event with the best surfers in the world. They need to make a few bucks by selling us merchandise, or they won’t bother in the first place. Besides, We saw Kelly Slater surf Long Beach and we weren’t forced to buy a t-shirt to do it: THE EVENT WAS FREE.
  2. As far as Local Business are concerned: You need to look at the long term effect. The Marketing angle…..

I just came back from LB Surf (70 w Park Ave) and the folks over there were telling me how happy they were, how they’re going to benefit beyond the event and how they hope and feel Quiksilver Pro comes back next year.

A few more facts:

  1. Long Beach, NY is now regarded as a surf city – not just nationally, but internationally.
  2. Long Beach, NY has and will be mentioned in every major surf publication (online, magazines) for the next few months – at least.
  3. Long Beach, NY is a train ride away from a city that everybody in the world wants to visit: New York City.  How many surfers around the world are now going to make that trip to the Big Apple and take a pit stop to the town that hosted the 2011 Quiksilver Pro New York?  Lots.
  4. How many of these folks are going to spend money in our stores? Renting surf boards at out shops? Eating at our restaurants? Lots.

You need to look at the long term effect of the Quiksilver pro and not just the event itself. Heck, it doesn’t matter if The City of Long Beach lost money the past few weeks because it’s an investment for our future. It’s all about Marketing and you learn that in Business 101. LONG TERM EFFECT. Sometimes you have to sacrifice in order to make a gain.

Now, did Quiksilver loss money with this event? Maybe they did. I do know one thing, after this week I learned how I love Quiksilver apparel and plan wearing there stuf from now on. It’s all about Marketing and you learn that in Business 101. LONG TERM EFFECT. Sometimes you have to sacrifice in order to make a gain.

Surf City, Here We Come” – The Ramones

I got this email from Igor, of Montreal. It’s pretty cool to hear from folks from around the world. Igor seems like he enjoyed his trip and is now back in Montreal telling his friends and family about Long Beach, NY:


Message: hey buddy,

this is Igor from Montreal. Thank you guys for
accomodating us turists. To my eyes the event was a total success. What a
treat to be able to see these guys live!!
Got To Surf this morning with Balaram. The agdauskas brothera,Cory Lope, Chuy
Reyna, Sterlijg Spencer…

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  1. Anthony,
    Everything you wrote makes perfect sense! Thank you! I live on the boardwalk at Edwards and loved, loved all of the Quiksilver events!! I really hope they come back next year. Everyone I met: people from Quiksilver, the surfers, the tourists…were all wonderful. This made Long Beach shine!

  2. I did and I stand by that. Didn’t you read my article? If it didn’t benefit them now, it will in the long Run.

    Besides, why does everything have to always be able money?

    We had the Michael Jordon of Surfing in our ocean. Isn’t that good enough? There were so many happy people at this event. It was pure entertainment for entertainments sake.

    If you didn’t like it, then I feel really bad for you. You’re a sad person.

  3. Smartypants, you do know that the Pro Surfers, Q.S. staffers, Security and everyone else, patronized the Delis and local restaurants to eat. Unlike the Movie and Television industry people who generally bring in their own catering trucks and don’t spend anything locally. Businesses as far away as West Marine and Ace Hardware in Island Park, benefitted from this event.

  4. Not to mention during several of the webcasts and on the beach both surfers and announcers were constantly talking about their favorite Long Beach eateries – Gino’s, Bob’s Natural Foods, Nagahama, Chaba, etc. – they all got shout outs about how good they were. FREE PUBLICITY from some of the world’s best surfers, how can you argue with that?

  5. If the Quiksilver Pro in Long Beach were to become a permanent fixure, it would also significantly raise the profile of the city, as well as quite possibly the real estate prices.

  6. For a first time event, with the issues with cancellations due to the hurricane which hurt evening attendance and business, it still has to be considered a huge success. There were a ton of people there, including the last day on a Thursday of all things. Coupled with some nice swell on the important days, it bodes really well for the next event.

  7. If they want it to be a huge success again in the future then don’t plan on the other crap that they wanted to bring in.
    Do the Surfing even period!. That is was was a success, the other “Crap” will only upset everyone again.

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