2 Boardwalk Robberies in 3 Days (And What You Can Do)

Clearly, the Boardwalk Beating has hit home for residents of Long Beach.  At last check, the first post which was updated heavily by myself, Anthony, and through the updates and comments of readers of this blog and City Manager Theofan, already received more than 70 comments.

The Facts

A male jogger was attacked by 5 “youths,” may have been beaten to the point of unconsciousness, and was robbed of his iPod and iPhone at 10:20 PM at the boardwalk around Lincoln Blvd.  Two different posts that claim to be close to the victim report a gun was used.  City Manager Theofan denies that there was a gun.

While some media sources have continued to ignore this story that directly impacts the residents of Long Beach, the Herald was able to get the first comment out of City Manager Theofan this afternoon.

The police have yet to issue any sort of formal statement on the matter, and required that we submit a Freedom of Information Law (more commonly referred to as a FOIA request) to receive any information at all on the topic.

City Manager Theofan commented  to this blog that he had his detectives search their crime database, and confirmed that there was a second robbery on the boardwalk on September 17th, though he did not give any additional details.

City Manager Theofan declined to comment if there would be any additional police presence on or around the boardwalk.

What’s I Think

I’m shocked that right now we’re talking about two robberies in three days on a 2.1 mile stretch of boardwalk – one confirmed to be extremely violent  – and we still do not have any assurance from the City government that they are doing anything proactive about this.

When I asked the question the first time, I assumed I would receive the appropriate lip service.  Something like “of course we take this very seriously and are working close with the LBPD to guarantee security on the boardwalk and throughout the City.”

But, I did not receive that from City Manager Theofan or any of the other members of the City Council or the LBPD.  In fact, I didn’t receive any acknowledgment that any steps were in the works or discussed, even after asking the question twice.

What You Can Do

While some in the comments may be suggesting it’s time for citizen vigilantism and packing heat, I recommend a bit more moderate approach.

Tell your friends and family what’s going on.  Make sure they know if they see gangs hanging out on the boardwalk that they take them seriously.

Contact your city government.  Call the Long Beach Police Department if you have any information on these “youths” on the boardwalk, or spot anything at all suspicious.  Every phone call is logged and if the situation is as bad as some commentators suggest, this needs to be logged officially – through the Police Department.  Also, contact other news outlets and ask them to investigate this as well.

LBPD (516) 431-1800, City Hall at  (516) 431-1000

City Manager, Charles Theofan – ctheofan@longbeachny.org,
City Council President Thomas Sofield – tsofield@longbeachny.org,
City Council Vice President Mona Goodman – mgoodman@longbeachny.org,
City Council Member John McLaughlin – jmclaughlin@longbeachny.org,
City Council Member Michael Fagen – mfagen@longbeachny.org,
City Council Member Len Torres – ltorres@longbeachny.org

I do want to finish by reminding everyone how this story came to be.  SeabytheCity reader LBChica spotted a brief blurb about the beating on a Facebook page this morning and alerted me to it.  Soon after I read it, the post was deleted.  It was only through the contributions of readers and residents that any of this happened.  If not for your watchful eyes and ears, a story that effects everyone’s safety would have gone completely unnoticed and unacknowledged.

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18 thoughts on “2 Boardwalk Robberies in 3 Days (And What You Can Do)”

  1. Great reporting as always, guys. This is an important quality of life issue that needs to be addressed. If you don’t report on it, no one would know about it and it would certainly never be addressed.

    Not that its out there, the City needs to take action. The best possible scenario would be an increased police presence on the boardwalk for the foreseeable future to deter more incidents like this one.

    Only time will tell if that actually happens. In any event, keep up the good work guys.

  2. the boardwalk is actually only 2.1 miles long which means it should be even easier to protect. really though arrests are good but $50 fines for being on the beach after 11pm make us money!

  3. If you are jogging at night on the boardwalk you should carry a large screwdriver with you.

    If anyone accosts you, sink the screwdriver in their skull.

    Do NOT be a victim and do not let these savages force you to change your personal schedule.

    Dont be a patsy.

    Thats good advice.

  4. =) It’s all thanks to your site! We’re all on here because we love the city of Long Beach. However, we need to make sure that those in charge are doing their jobs and protecting those who live & visit here. Theofan did a great job of returning emails but you are absolutely right- we have yet to see a plan of action or reassurance. I’m hoping that something is done immediately if we make enough noise. . .

  5. In the last two years there have been two MAJOR riots on the beach and surrounding streets.

    It required a HELICOPTER to hover above the beach and blow gales of sand on these animals to break up the fighting.

    The situation has gotten WORSE this year with groups of thugs and criminal gangs now regularly hanging out on the boardwalk and beach doing anything they damn well please.

    Mark my words.

    This will escalate further if left unchecked.

    Do NOT be surprised if the result are multiple murders before this situation is taken seriously.

  6. Sad to see that this is even an issue here in LB. I remember when I first moved here running into moving mobs of “youths” at night, sometimes seemingly hundreds strong. This is something I have seen quite too often, but it is an unfortunate consequence of public housing. Give a man a fish…and he’ll expect one tomorrow.

  7. OK, once again a serious incident in Long Beach being swept under the table. I know I am not alone in feeling that as a community we should be INFORMED of dangerous situations, not denied information. Shouldn’t we be notified of such deviant behavior so we can protect ourselves, protect our children? Obviously we do not live in a land of sugarplum fairies. To the LBPD & city council: Please give us facts, not a water-downed version of things. To all readers, we must demand to be given the truth.

    A friend was given a $75.00 citation for sitting on the beach this summer after midnight eating a chicken sandwich!! When she was late with her payment there was a warrant out for her arrest!! Hmm, seems like we should be concentrating on the bigger offenses like robberies and beatings. Enough said.

  8. This really angers me. I love Long Beach so much and hearing things like this, that people may have to be in fear to jog our beloved boardwalk, sickens me. I feel that the problem here is the lack of discipline from our police force toward that area of concern (thugs, gangs, our projects) Long Beach police are so busy busting kids for under age drinking, public intoxication and other minimal offenses that they don’t spend the time where it should be spent, in the bad parts of our town. There are so many problems in that area that don’t get taken care of which makes the thugs think it is okay and that they can get away with it. The fact that they can come to the boardwalk and terrorize innocent joggers is ridiculous, especially just for an ipod or a cell phone. Really? get a job and stop being such scum.

  9. I have heard conflicting reports in regards to our police involvement in the projects. First, that they mistreat individuals, brutal force, etc. and then secondly, that no one wants to work there and that all sorts of stuff goes on that the public NEVER hears about! It’s about time that the community steps up and demands accountability from our city council and police force. I’m so tired of hearing of Long Beach’s reputation of “favors”, “family & friends”, etc. When you sweep problems under the carpet they do not go away. As far as the boardwalk goes I will not live in fear. Let’s hope the LBPD steps up so that these incidents do not become common.

  10. Yes busting them for underage drinking and being intoxacated is not important. It must be one of those kids writing above article.Maybe thats what this group was doing before the robbery.

  11. This topic and several others on the Patch have been closed by the Editor. Plenty of censorship and stiffeling of the First Amendment over there…..

  12. I agree. I understand the censoring of profane or libelous posts, but to close discussion on a serious topic that has energized people is ridiculous. I am still waiting for Kellard to explain this.

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