Boardwalk Violence – A gun or no gun: What is the truth?

City Manager Charles Theofan’s statement emailed to Shaun early was: “There was NO gun or any weapon involved.”  But that’s not what we keep hearing. I just received the following message from one of our readers:

Message:  This was posted on LB 411 this morning by the victim’s girlfriend (you wrote that BeachHouse removed their post) but (name withheld by seabythecity) had put it out there earlier.  I hope they get these guys and I hope we have more police presence it’s very unnerving.

(name withheld by seabythecity)
Please Read, I don’t post often but this needs to get out…Long Beach people be careful of running on the boardwalk at night. My boyfriend was running right past the Aqua and was jumped tonight by 8 guys at 9:40pm, he had a gun pointed at him, and was taken to the hospital with head injuries and just returned home. I’m soo disgusted with people but thankful that he is ok

I took a screenshot of the actual post taken from Long Beach 411, a Facebook group.

So, what is it City of Long Beach? Are you trying to hide something from us? Because the above story posted only 5 or so hours after the attack sounds a lot different than what you told us. This is no joke. Our safety is at stake here.

Charles Theofan: The reality is that a male jogger was mugged at 10:20 PM at Lincoln Blvd. by 5 teenagers, one of whom punched him in the head knocking down, he might have lost consciousness momentarily. The ran off and he realized they had taken his iphone. There was NO gun or any weapon involved. (City Manager Charles Theofan Comments on the Boardwalk Beating).

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  1. Wow. At this point, it doesn’t matter what Theofan says about a gun- we have heard from a friend and the victims gf- I’ll take their input over that of an authority figure who has to look on his computer files in order to know if there have been any crimes on the boardwalk lately. Shouldn’t that be something you are on top of?

  2. Why is there no video surveillance system on the lamp posts to protect the residents? If they had CCT, we would not now be debating whether the attackers had a gun.

    It is unfortunate that this man had to be attacked and hurt like this and that he is not legally able to carry a gun himself to protect himself, from these types of predators. Wouldn’t they have been surprised if the jogger pulled out his own gun and was able to defend himself. With all the anti gun laws in NY and N.C., as we have seen here, only the criminals will have guns. LBPD can’t be in all places at all times.

  3. The boardwalk between Monroe and Lincoln Blvd has to be the darkest area. Lights on boarwalk there are rarely replaced when they burn out. Hopefully PD checked cameras from buildings along that strip to see if anything was captured.

  4. The problem is our entire council is democrat, some of them just ran as republicans but on their previous term they were democrat. Shaun, you should give us an article breaking down each council member and candidates for this november.

  5. It was there for the surf comp and they put them up on the West End for Irish Day as well but they should be permanent on the boardwalk.

    By the way, Monday night around half past midnight I was woken up by a loud noise followed by a man yelling “get out of here”. It woke me up but I didn’t see anyone outside. I live at Broadway and National… so it could have been a truck or something at the hotel but now I think it could have been a gunshot too

  6. These guys should be caught, long before Winter sets in. I would have Bike Cops up there, as I write this. LBPD has 2 Kawasaki MULES, that could also be used, but would not be as stealthly, as Bikes are. How about some fit Cops in jogging clothes going up and down. Worst thing that happens, they get some exercise.

  7. Just called. They do know. Unfortunately Aqua’s surveillance camera was down. Aqua is my nightmare between taking away my view and being completely useless in this situation.

  8. Omg I heard the same noise! I went online the next morning to see if I could find anything but I couldn’t. It was so loud I couldn’t believe no one was talking about it. I really wish I knew what it was.

  9. Intentional or Irony? The ad in the middle of the page for peoples right to carry a concealed weapon. Good stuff!

    Here’s a great line from that ad:
    There Are Two Kinds of People… Which One Are You?
    You know, there are really two kinds of people in this world. The first kind is the person that is always looking to someone else to take care of them.

    You know what I’m talking about. Nowadays, it’s all we hear on the news. These people want the government to provide from them and they want the police to protect them and provide their safety. (Some call these people sheep or sheeple!)

    And then there’s the OTHER kind of person, the person that truly believes in personal responsibility.

  10. i live in Ct and got a call from my mother about this case. She is friends with the mother of his girlfriend.She asked for prayers for him.He had a gun in his face and was beaten so badly that he may lose his eyesight.Pray for him .

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