What’s Going On? (Robberies, Assaults, and Tragic Accidents)


It looks like we really hit on something that people are just not talking about after we reported that  a jogger was violently beaten by 5 youths and robbed on the boardwalk.  There has been an awful series of crimes and tragedies on our serene strip of beach over the last few months.  To summarize a few that I’m aware of:

The infamous “mini riot” on the beach during Memorial Day weekend.

On September 17th, another robbery occurred on the boardwalk.

Going through the Police blotter on the LBPD’s twitter page I can find arrests for things like assault, “criminal use of a firearm,” petit larceny, and a  16-year-old charged with second degree robbery.

There was the Allegria Rumble in August, covered only here.

Two weeks ago, the window to the Long Beach Democratic Committee Headquarters on Park Ave was smashed and considered vandalism.

There’s of course the horrible story of Kurt Doerbecker, the 23-year-old Point Lookout Resident  who was shot and killed by the Nassau County Police Department after he “charged” officers with a knife.

And in addition to that tragedy, the dog walker who was struck and killed – along with his dog – by a motorist in the West End.

And how can we forget, two parachuters were arrested during Surfpocalypse!

While I’m not claiming there is some blight upon Long Beach, it certainly looks like our City by the Sea has had more than enough crime and tragedy for one summer!

I’m quite happy though that all of your phone calls and emails to the City have created results.  I saw with my own eyes an LBPD car patrolling on the boardwalk last night.  The LBPD is a professional force and are clearly responding to our requests to help keep the boardwalk – and the community – safe.

Residents, be smart and safe.  Most importantly if something happens or you feel threatened, contact the authorities and file a police report.

I’m sure I’ve missed things, so please submit to me (shaun@seabythecity.com) additional incidents.  I do ask though that you make sure there is a police report to support the allegation.

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11 thoughts on “What’s Going On? (Robberies, Assaults, and Tragic Accidents)”

  1. Here is my advice.

    If you are on the boardwalk at night and are accosted then do whatever you can to kill the assailant before he/she kills you.

    When the police arrive say nothing other than you want medical attention and a lawyer.

    React instantly and with full force.

    Thats my advice.

  2. You probably shouldn’t kill anyone at all. If you HAVE to to protect yourself, then it makes sense, but if some kid is just trying to take your iProducts because they are poor or want to be in a gang and are stupid, probably not the right thing to do.

    Of course if you did, then yeah, follow the free legal advice presented here and in other places on this blog.

  3. If you are minding your own business and a person attacks you, assume they are going to kill you.

    Take decisive and massive retaliatory action to protect your life.

    The savage attacking you EXPECTS that you will yield.

    My furteh advice is DO NOT wait for the savage to act first.

    Once he/she enters your space an an attack is evident, REACT.

    Fight with everything and anything you have.

    I repeat……..MASSIVE and INSTANT brutal force is the only thing between you and a your funeral.

    Do not be a victim.

    Leave the savage dead and his family can make excuse for why he/she is dead and you are alive.

  4. I am sure the Predator youths who have the illegal guns and criminal records, will follow your Gun Laws. Oh, year, they already have convictions for breaking our laws. Now there’s a plan.

  5. Thanks for the tip Anthony!

    Add to this list Astoria man comes to LB for a swim and drowns, LBMC ER-visitor jumps in the canal and drowns…


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