Tragedy Strikes Saturday at Edwards Blvd

I was on the boardwalk around 4 and witnessed an ocean rescue.  My first-hand account is followed by the LBFD’s statement.

Perhaps more than a dozen first responders were in the water searching for the missing swimmer, supported by boats, police/firefighters on the boardwalk with binoculars, a helicopter, and a plethora of other LBFD, LBPD, and ocean rescue assets.  I believe I even saw a few surfers trying to help.  The professionalism and massive response that was on exhibit by the police and fire department was incredible.  Firefighters and police that were clearly off-duty were on the boardwalk and on the beach, rushing to help in any way possible.  From my perspective, they were able to find the missing swimmer in minutes and watching the heroic first responders do everything they could to resuscitate the victim is an image that will be with me for some time.  I’ll let you read Fire Chief Rich Corbett’s statement below.

LBFD Statement follows:

Today at 4:11pm, the LBFD was notified for a swimmer in distress in the ocean at Edwards Blvd. Witnesses said that they saw a male enter the water next to the jetties at Edwards Blvd wearing long pants.

Upon conformation of the missing swimmer, other agencies were requested to respond as per a mutual aid agreement. Units from the Island Park, Freeport FD’s, Atlantic Beach Rescue, NCPD Avaition and Marine units and the US Coast Guard responded

The missing swimmer, age 39, was located approx 30 minutes later and pulled from the ocean in cardiac arrest and transported to LBMC via Island Park ambulance with LBFD paramedics on board

Even though every resource was deployed to help this person, and the staff at the LBMC ER did everything the could,he was pronounced a short time later

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5 thoughts on “Tragedy Strikes Saturday at Edwards Blvd”

  1. I’ve witnessed quite a few rescues over the last few years since my place is right on the beach. I have to say I think we have the best Fire Dept, Police dept. Lifeguards,and rescue units anywhere in NY. These guys always arrive in mere minutes and storm the beach like a swat team. Very impressive especially considering the fact that most of these guys are volunteers. They deserve a lot of kudos for what they do.

  2. It is always appropriate to thank those who do community service on their own time. That is what America is about.
    The City of Long Beach however would be better served if they went to an all paid professional fire department.
    In the long run eliminating the volunteers would save money and improve the department.
    In that way the department can insure that the fire workers have the physical and mental abilities necessary for the very hard job.
    Also, the department would be fully staffed at all times by competent, well trained people.

  3. L.F. If we are talking suggestions here, how about two Paid Lifeguards on duty 12 months per year, who could respond to this type of Rescue quickly. In this particular case, that likely could have made the difference. The F.D. is not ideally trained, nor experienced, in this type of Water Rescue.

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