Hello from the Admin + LB Herald article on Boardwalk Violence & Bike/Run Reminder (update)

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I subscribe to the Long Beach Herald newspaper, even though the majority of the articles are found online. What can I say? I like reading actual newspapers. The print edition usually has more information than what’s posted online, but this time that wasn’t the case. Flipping through the latest edition this morning, I was anxious to see the Man beaten and robbed on Long Beach boardwalk in print. Not only because it was first reported on this site, but because the Herald online article (as of Sept 26th) mentions seabythecity.com as a source:

According the blog, Seabythecity.com, there were reports that the victim was robbed at gunpoint. 

Well to my surprise, the print article was slightly different with the seabythecitymention omitted. No biggie. It would of been great exposure for us, but I what I found even more alarming was the continuous omission of the GUN part. UGH….. Well, from what I am hearing, the victim is not in good shape. Let’s all pray for him and show support by going to Run/Bike event on the boardwalk this Wednesday night.

UPDATE: I swapped a few emails with Anthony Rifilato, The Editor LB Herald & writer of the article and he explained the omissions. On seabythecity: Formatting issues for the print, but it’s still there online;  they didn’t intend to ignore us as a source.  Again, not biggie.  On any GUN involvement: Nobody involved has gone on record with that info yet. Of course this can always be updated -so definitely tune in here or at the LB Herald for any updates. Kudos to Anthony @ the Herald for the quick response. 


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2 thoughts on “Hello from the Admin + LB Herald article on Boardwalk Violence & Bike/Run Reminder (update)”

  1. That is sad to hear the victim is not doing well, I hope we get a huge show of support WED night. (with police escort?)

    On a different note; too bad the seabythecity-mention was omitted in the print version. What happened to that story about a drunk Sofield?

    Next: article on these huge democratic political signs and humongous republican signs that have popped up in LB? Can we write on them?

    Next: what is going on with that Life Guard Headquarter’s house? Still glued to the boardwalk…

    Next: riding the boardwalk yesterday I came across TWO huge holes where planks had broken and left a big hole that could flip a bicycle or break an ankle. I put a traffic cone on the one near the Allegria, but that had been removed and the hole was still there!

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