SBC Commenting Rules (Can’t We All Just Get Along?)

(A classic from XKCD)

SeabytheCity is dedicated to maintaining an interesting and most importantly civil conversation among neighbors.

To better facilitate that ideal, we’ve replaced the chaos that was the old comment system, with a new one that requires users to register through wordpress, or login with an existing google, yahoo or facebook account.  This will help  guarantee all are unique individuals and not anonymously harassing, spamming, trolling, insulting, stirring up controversy, or just being a general nuisance.  In addition we will have all users email and IP addresses captured in case we’d like to follow-up with you about post ideas or info.

The rules

1.  Commenters are your neighbors.  Treat them as such.  Don’t say anything here that you wouldn’t say to your next door neighbor’s face, or wouldn’t want them to overhear.

2.  Any sort of personal attack, insult, derogatory comment, slur, ethnic attack, or obscene comment will be subject to moderation

3.  If you are engaging in activities that seem subversive to the ideal of maintaining a community of neighbors, you are subject to moderation.

4.  And in case it wasn’t clear enough above, one login per user.

We get the idea for most of our posts from user comments and this site would not be the success that it is without its user community.  That said, have fun and we look forward to what you have to say.

And if all that fails, the ban hammer will come out.

Please read the terms of service before you comment.


22 thoughts on “SBC Commenting Rules (Can’t We All Just Get Along?)”

  1. I am so glad you are doing this! Previously anyone could log in using someone elses email address which may have implicated someone in saying something they didn’t. Or did they? bwahahahahhahaa

  2. Well that was part of the problem. It’s not about censoring, which I’m sure a few folks will accuse us of with these changes. It’s about being more civil.

    After all, don’t you need an actual email address to post on Facebook?

  3. GREAT and certainly needed!!
    Maybe we can apply this also to that guy that advocates DEADLY violence to protect yourself when attacked, carry screw drivers etc etc, was close to incitement!
    Maybe we can reply with FLAG or BAN HAMMER to assist Shaun and Anthony ; )

  4. And the ban hammer claims its first victim. Vice President of the Long Beach Chamber of Commerce Mark Tannenbaum went to the trouble of creating numerous logins today, but has long been commenting under a series of names:

    Mark Tannenbaum
    Master of the Obvious
    Busines man in LB (spelling mistake his)
    Busines man in LB’s neighbor (spelling mistake his)

    I assume the majority of his anonymous internet outrage has been caused by Anthony’s post where he noted how the Chamber of Commerce took money from local business and failed to deliver on the promises of a “coupon book,” but hey, what do I know.

    Also, “Irish I were Drunk” has nothing to do with being “asian,” and the fact that you can find a slur in there is sad.

  5. but that’s right, before it was a bunch of people talking to themselves..LOL nobody reads this crap anyway!! who’s here anyway? you have shaun & anthony and then like 5 other regulars..

    good luck fella’s


    Please Ban Me

  6. I received a few emails regarding THE BAN. Here is the thing: We can’t control what you comment about and most of the time we don’t care. You can curse, swear, say anything you want.

    But if you have the intentions to publicly attack somebody personally with your multiple user names, (aka – posing as somebody else) you will get banned. We had a countless number of comments that were meant to be publicly posted that we blocked. All these came from the same IP. Thus the ban.

    That person’s IP and email addresses will not be made public, but the user names are because they were meant to be public in the first place.

  7. I was actually wondering if that was the real Mark Tannenbaum, turns out multiple personalities ; )

    So he was trying to “game” the comment system on this blog. And haviing a discussion with himself? Funny and sad.

    Any (real) LB-business owner went for their refund?

  8. To make things clear: It was the same IP from his comments a few weeks ago regarding the Quiksilver t-shirt article. Those posts were confirmed to be him by somebody that I spoke to at the Chamber.

  9. Anthony, you are correct. To out, once again the unethical, unprofessional scumbag Mark Tannenbaum VP of our Coc, stole my username on the morning the new rules went into effect and posed as me using my TIDELINE username and started posing as me.

    He was caught by the staff here and once again banned. He has no place on SBC, nor should he continue to be employed at the CoC.

    Eventually, my stolen username was returned to me. But, it did take some time and effort to straighten it out, so I was deprived of my posting priveleges for awhile, thru no fault of my own.

    When I am out and about shopping in LB and see a business with a CoC sticker on their front door, I will have an enlightening talk with that business’ owner and or Mgr. and bring them up to speed about Their VP Mark TANNENBAUM unethical and possibily illegal activites as a representative of their CoC.
    If I don’t like the response I get after that talk, the best part about LB is I will happily tell them I will take my money to their competitor and tell all my friends to do the same, until they FIRE Mark Tannenbaum.

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