And the Quiksilver Pro festival ‘Special Surprise’ guests would of been…..

(above screenshot taken from – pre-festival cancellation)

You say a special surprise performance?

We all know what happened with the Quiksilver Pro festivals being cancelled, but I’m sure some of you are at least bit curious to know who these special surprise guests were supposed to be. Everybody heard the Red Hot Chili Peppers rumor and the comedy team of our readers chimed in with some of their own: The Rolling StonesCarlos Santana, Paul McCartney with a Billy Joel duet, Jay Z, Kanye West, a Wham reunion! I heard that Roger Waters & David Gilmour were going to reunite Pink Floyd and perform the Wall during Hurricane Irene. Instead of a cardboard wall, a storm wall was going to be built to combat Irene’s swells. Ok, bad joke.

The Long Beach Herald just revealed the special surprise guests in a recent article (read – Will the Quiksilver Pro N.Y. return?). And these special surprise guests would of been: (drum roll please………….)

Jimmy Buffet and Jackson Browne!

So there you go. I wonder if Jimmy Buffet knew that alcohol was banned from the event. After all, Margarita Coconut waterville doesn’t have the same ring to it. Well, there is always next year!

(Source: Long Beach Herald – Will the Quiksilver Pro N.Y. return?)

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