Operation Shack Save on Hold

After Irene decided to remodel our lovely beach, the Lifeguard Shack has not been the same.

I’ve got to say, with the Shack now situated where it’s been for a month, I’ve sort of gotten used to it.  Further, I love walking by and seeing people come down to the boardwalk and pose for a picture in front of it.  During the Quiksilver Pro, the tourists loved the “color” that it added to Long Beach, and its off axis alignment turns it into a landmark like the leaning Tower of Pisa

In early September, crews brought a monster crane in and ran a steel girder underneath the Shack, but according to what I’ve heard, from the position the crane was in, they could not effectively move the shack back to its foundation.

The current plan that I’ve learned is that they are working to bring the crane back, but this time situate it on the beach in an area that was not available due to the Quiksilver Pro construction.  From there, they should be able to quickly move the Shack back to its former home.

With the extreme high tide this week from the full moon, I wouldn’t be surprised if they wait till next week.  You don’t want a multi-ton crane sinking into wet sand.  I’ll update if I hear more, and if you spot the crane on the beach, let me know.

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