Seagulls & Quiet Reclaim Long Beach Superblock

Written by Sue F:

The last of the flatbed trucks, storage units and workers are now noticeably gone from the landscape of the Allegria Hotel and Long Beach’s superblock where Quiksilver had set up temporary home for their 6th stop in their 2011 ASP World Championship Tour. While the mega surf company’s event logos still grace a few of the boardwalk’s beach pass huts, nothing else is left behind to visually remind anyone that the event ever took place.

Following their departure, Quiksilver left the beaches as clean and beautiful as they were before … evidenced by the seagulls and sand pipers that quickly reclaimed the area where the company’s month-long presence once was.

Days of epic surf that brought a first place win to Australian surfer Owen Wright … New friendships and alliances that were formed between people from all parts of the globe … Acts of community service that benefitted charities, residents and surfers alike … Great ‘vibes’ that permeated our sea air … And a good healthy influx of exposure and revenue that boosted our town reputation, businesses and revenues alike.

A believer in all that can happen as a result of positive energy, it’s just possible that the presence of thousands of people all willing for the same thing –good waves in a very specific time time slot – was manifested in bringing about perfect, over-head epic surf. In fact the surf was so good that it turned naysayers, who only days before called our surf “slop”, into believers so much so that comparisons were made comparing Long Beach surf to “G-Land” in Indonesia.

So what’s to become of next year? How will the town residents reply to the survey that the town just sent out? Will residents weigh in that nothing should change, or that adding music and motor cross into the equation could make the event even better? The jury’s still out. But the and friendships formed as a result of the events of September 2011 will be hard to top. So if the fun everyone had is any indication of things to come, who knows what’s in store for us in September of 2012.

12 Replies to “Seagulls & Quiet Reclaim Long Beach Superblock”

  1. Quiksilver should run our city. They were professional, organized, and courteous. We should only be so lucky to have them back in town. How many arrests were made during the Quikpro? zero. how many during irish day??

  2. 2 arrests during QSPNY, the two skydivers.

    Irish Day, at least one that I know of.

    Superblock got nice new wooden retaining-wall today. Who knows what’s next…?!

  3. someone please tell me what is up with the superblock, anyway? since they got a nice new wooden retaining wall…who purchased it and why nothing has been done except that they gated it off and blocked a portion of road?

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