East End Updates: Attack of the Condos, Jackson Hotel Squatters, New Parking Malls & Saying Goodbye to Beth Sholom.

Just an update of what we posted a month ago. We now have a clearer idea of what this new condo on East Broadway will look like. Styrofoam = fucco. I don’t know about you, but I sure as hell don’t want to live in a place made out of styrofoam… yeah, but I guess I’m alone on this since everybody seems to be using it these days! Listen, fine you want to make a building with styofoam. Just PLEASE don’t use that same beige color that is WAY over used. Have fun with it. We are a beach community and the color spectrum is HUGE!!!!!!!!!!

While in the area, the superintendent of a nearby building came by for a chat. He was telling about this new condo: how looters were stealing wires and the other night he had to scare away a whole van filled with people ready to break in. That seems to be a common problem with new development; especially with the cost of cooper and metal being so high. He was also saying how he foresees all of Broadway to be fashioned with similar buildings in the coming years.

Being that we were right down the block from the beloved-Jackson Hotel (405 E. Broadway), I asked the super what was going on with the place. He said two families are actually living there. “They shouldn’t. It’s supposed to be vacant, but if you pass by at night you will see a light on in the back of the building on the top floor.”  Of course this is all hearsay, but it makes me wonder what the owners of the Jackson Hotel are up to. I mean, unless these alleged two couples are paying around $20,000 a month in rent,  why would the owners allow this place to stand the way it is. What can I say? I am just fascinated by this place! For more on the Jackson Hotel, please sure to visit the post I did a few weeks ago: (see –Inside the Jackson Hotel: A Photographic Journey).


One of the two parking malls on E. Park Avenue between Long Beach Blvd & Monroe Blvd is finally getting its much needed makeover. We knew this was coming, as mentioned in the Summer issue of LB CityBeat (see – LB CityBeat – Summer 2011).

Gone are the days of being able to swim in a parking lot.


Beth Sholom (315 Roosevelt Blvd) got hit with the wreaking ball this week – as somebody on LB Patch mentioned: on the holiest week of the Jewish calendar!! I agree. Come on developers, show some respect!!

What’s to come? The LB Patch says three duplexes and a single-family home will be erected. I’ll be sure to follow up with photos once this new development starts to happen. I did managed to snap some photos of the pretty glass and whatever was left before it’s all gone.


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