Pizza Quest Makes Its First Stop (East End Pizza)

So after a few delays, I’ve finally got my pizza eating campaign in full swing.

For more info on Pizza Quest, check out the post here

Today’s stop?  East End Pizza on Park Ave

Following the rules, I ordered a regular slice, and for a wildcard, a white slice.

The Regular Slice

An underwhelming “meh.”  I found the slice, even though fresh, a bit bland and dull.  The cheese wasn’t particularly flavorful and did not adhere to the crust well.  The sauce was a bit more of the thicker “old world” style with chunks of herbs in it.  The slice itself was actually a bit more wedge-shaped than normal which was odd.  The crust was OK.

The Wildcard (White Slice)

Wow.  This was good, really good.  Probably one of the best white slices I’ve ever had.  The ingredients were amazing, from the Parmesan to the ricotta.  Delicious.  The crust, much better, with the sesame seed edge adding so much extra flavor.

Speaking a bit more broadly about East End, there specialty really seems to be, well, there specialty slices.  Looking across the counter, they must have had 15 varieties of pizza, fresh and looking delicious.  From taco pizza, to chicken and broccoli and BBQ pizza.  My advice – always order a sesame seed crust and look beyond their regular slice if you want the good stuff.


Because a number means nothing, I think it is all about how it compares to the others.  Because of that, I’m using a relative rating system.  Right now it will just have East End, but as I head out to more establishments, It will become clear who stands out.

Long Beach Pizza Quest Standings

(Higher on the list is better)

– East End Pizza

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3 thoughts on “Pizza Quest Makes Its First Stop (East End Pizza)”

  1. I go there all the time since it’s closest to my apartment. I never order from them because even though they’re a whopping 2 blocks away the food always gets here cold. Decent pizza but I agree with you. The white slice is great but the rest…I’ve had better.

  2. i made pies for 10 years. i judge a pizzeria on two things. regular and sicilian. anyone can make a special slice. regular slice is poor at east end.

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