12 Arrests on Irish Day last Saturday

Not to turn this blog into a place for just links, but here ya go:

liherald.com – Arrests, summonses issued on Irish Day

The Long Beach Police Department arrested approximately 12 people on Irish Day last Saturday, most of which were disorderly conduct charges.

 Deputy Inspector Bruce Meyer of the Long Beach Police Department said that of the arrests, seven were for disorderly conduct, while other arrests were for DWI and criminal mischief. Meyer said that there was also one arrest for assault, and could not say if all arrests took place in the West End.

Police said 63 summonses were issued as well, mainly alcohol-related and for littering and public urination. Meyer said that Irish Day drew thousands of people, and that he felt police did an excellent job in maintaining order and “setting a tone” this year.

Read the whole article over at the Herald. Now, how many arrests were made during the entire Quiksilver Pro that was a result of Quiksilver Pro?

(Hint: Those two skydivers don’t count.)

Yeah…….. I thought so.

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