It’s Gino’s Turn (Pizza Quest)

For lunch today, I stopped into Gino’s.  The order – regular slice, buffalo slice.

For more info on Pizza Questcheck out the post here

The Regular Slice

Good, without question.  Great balance of sauce, crust, cheese.  Very much a Neapolitan style pizza.  Underneath the goods, the base crust has a great crispness and compliments the package well.  The only thing I found was the end crust itself was a bit dry and bland.  Whether it’s because the end of the crust is a bit thicker or due to a lack of sauce and cheese goodness, the end had a doughy taste to it.

The Buffalo Slice

Very good.  Awesome blend of chicken, a mild hot sauce, and a blue cheese/ranch drizzle over the top.  Again though, the end crust had a dull and dry finish to the slice.


Because a number means nothing, I think it is all about how each slice compares to the others.  Because of that, I’m using a relative rating system.  As I head out to more establishments, it will become more clear who stands out.

Long Beach Pizza Quest Standings

(Higher on the list is better)


East End Pizza

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  1. have you told ginos about the pepperoni mystery..tell them to change price instead of ingredients..the long beach consumer is too savvy for ingredients to change unnoticed

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