Breaking: Sept 17th Boardwalk Violence Arrest was made.(UPDATED)

UPDATE (Oct 8th): This arrest is related to the September 17th incident which was not reported by the Police, but confirmed by City Manager Charles Theofan.  As Shaun wrote on September 20th:

City Manager Theofan commented  to this blog that he had his detectives search their crime database, and confirmed that there was a second robbery on the boardwalk on September 17th, though he did not give any additional details.


Note: I think the lbpd may have made a mistake here. The event they describe – and started all this – happened on September 19th. A separate robbery happened on September 17th. The press release seems to use the wrong date but talk about what happened on the 19th. We’ll update when it gets clarified.


As first reported on this site, the September 17th Boardwalk Violence finally saw its first arrest. The Long Beach Police Department just issued this Press Release:


Police Commissioner Thomas R. Sofield, Sr., of the Long Beach Police Department announced the arrest of Shawn Persaud, age 16, of Long Beach. The Long Beach resident was charged with Robbery 2nd Degree.

The arrest stems from an incident that occurred on September 17, 2011, in the area of Long Beach Blvd and the Boardwalk. At that place and time it is alleged that a jogger was on the boardwalk when he was approached by a group of young males. The victim was grabbed from behind and thrown to the ground. During the attack a cell phone and a small amount of cash was stolen from the victim. As a result of the attack the victim suffered minor injuries.

Detective Lieutenant James Canner, Commanding Officer of the Department’s Detective Division stated, “The Long Beach Boardwalk is the jewel of the City of Long Beach. The Long Beach Police Department takes its responsibility seriously when it comes to providing the best public safety to all that enjoy the Boardwalk. Prior to this incident, the 2011 summer season had no serious crime on the boardwalk. This was the result of the hard work and attention the Long Beach Police Department provides when addressing Boardwalk issues. When this crime was perpetrated in September, the Long Beach Detectives and Street Crimes Unit were relentless in investigating this case to ensure that the perpetrators would be brought to justice. Additionally, following this incident uniformed patrol units were increased on the boardwalk. “The arrest of Mr. Persaud was the culmination of a concentrated effort by the Long Beach Police Department’s Detective Division. Detective Lieutenant Canner added, “We are continuing our investigation and more arrests are expected.”

Deputy Inspector Bruce Meyer

Public Information Officer

16 year old kid? Geez… he must be a big kid, or that must of been some gun. Of course, the issue of the alleged gun hasn’t been resolved yet, but either way, great job by the Long Beach Police Department for following up on this case. Hopefully more arrests will be made since City Manager Charles Theofan (1st link) & the LBPD (2nd link) stated that five kids were involved in the crime.

In the meantime, I am going to find out how the victim is doing and will report back here once I hear something.

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  1. So the date is wrong, location is wrong also, didn’t it happen more towards Neptune Blvd? Or at least two blocks East of Long Beach Boulevard? The Gun issue is interesting because that would make it armed robbery. Also no charges for assault? Or aggravated battery?

    Glad arrest was made and hopefully the victim is doing better!

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