Operation Shack Save – Total Success

Today, Bay Crane came down to the beach with two heavy lift cranes, and in a professional manner cleaned up the most notable, and nationally-televised, bit of Irene damage.

Operation Shack Save started after Irene decided to do some  beach remodeling.  In front of a crowd of about 20 onlookers, Shack Save was completed successfully.  In what seemed like about 10 minutes of actual lifting, the two cranes worked in tandem to lift the Lifeguard Shack, rotate it, then slowly traverse it back to its restored foundation.  There were a few minutes of fine tuning as they took the tension off the cranes and brought the shack to its home (of course until the next hurricane comes through).

Great job to all involved.  I’m sure the LB Lifeguards are ecstatic that their summer home is back, and will soon be fully restored.  

Lots of pictures below.

Getting ready for the lift – don’t cross the streams

Moving around to hook to the steel beams under the shack

And we’re airborne

Moving it like its a toy


Tandem crane work

And starting to put it down


The strongest dude in Long Beach, pulling the shack back to its foundation


Great view of the fun on a sunny day

And its done – minus some additional cleanup

Throw on a fresh coat of paint, and we’re back

 And to remember, this was the shack minutes after the storm surge hit

As it stood the evening after Irene hit, and where it would stay for 41 days


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