Arrests Galore Related to Boardwalk Beatings (LBPD cracking the case)

Following up on Friday’s breaking news, that a 16-year-old was arrested related to the (newly disclosed) violent robbery on September 17th, the LBPD has announced six additional arrests.

The September 17th robbery and attack on the boardwalk was first confirmed here by City Manger Theofan after not being included in the police blotter, or in the LBPD press release that followed the September 19th beating and robbery on the boardwalk (which was issued two days after the second attack in three days).

If you look across the details of each individual, the first, Shawn Persaud, was arrested on 10/6.  Then A juvenile, Nasuant Mitchel, Desmond Moore, and Eric Wiener were arrested on 10/7.  Next, Jaquell McNeal of Cambia Heghts, Queens (all others are Long Beach residents) was arrested on the 10th, and then finally Vincent Moore was arrested on the 11th.  You’ve got to laugh to think about what happened in the “interrogations” that happened.  One alleged child-con flipped after another, and they all ratted on each other.  Pretty soon everyone of their friends is going to get locked up if they keep squealing at this pace!

What’s also interesting is that some have been charged with “gang assault” while others have not.

They all sound like real upstanding citizens, and its good to see this group of kid alleged criminals is off the street.  Whatever happened to spending your evenings playing sports in the street or “hanging” with friends?  Aren’t 16-year-olds supposed to be hanging out at Tutti Frutti and watching Jersey Shore?

There has been zero announcement yet if these alleged criminals are related at all to the September 19th boardwalk beating which was first reported here.  Of course, I would assume these kids are connected, considering they successfully jumped someone on the 17th, and then a nearly identical crime happened on the 19th.

Takeaway:  Let’s hope both victims in these cases are having a speedy recovery, and the LBPD has gotten the message loud and clear.  Keep the boardwalk safe!  As they rightly stated in their press release, the boardwalk is the jewel of the city (though we might not treat it as such), let’s keep it that way.

I do want to send a very sincere thanks to all the SBC readers that made this such a big story.  Without your comments, emails, and phone calls here and to City Hall, this sort of crime may have gone unreported and unsolved.  Instead, the LBPD has taken this extremely seriously, stepped up patrols on the boardwalk (which has long been a resident demand) and has made a string of arrests.  Good job, you should all pat yourselves on the back and remember that you can make a difference in your city.

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