The purposeful destruction by the City of the old Boardwalk railing.

A Long Beach resident named William sent me the following message and photos:

The Long Beach Maintenance division right now is simply chopping up the ornate 1932 boardwalk railing into lengths which fit into their trucks and carting it off.  Someone in charge at the site (immediately West of the Carnival Ice Cream store and the bathrooms) just lied to me and said the railing is rusty and corroded, trying to deflect my questions when I asked why didn’t the City try to preserve it.  The railing is beautiful, in great condition (I saw and took pictures of the pipes cuts), and costs much less than whatever will be in its place.  Assuming the replacement will be like the beach side railing, the soft aluminum will warp (unlike the 70 year old one) too.  The railing removed is worth a lot in scrap metal, but nothing compared to the value just cut up and destroyed for no reason. 

Lastly, the ornate railing is one of the last visual links to the past history of Long Beach, it should be saved or at least cut out so that it may be reused as railing elsewhere along the boardwalk and not cut up into convenient pieces for a couple of bucks a pound like a metal thief you would read about who got caught stealing it for scrap.



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9 thoughts on “The purposeful destruction by the City of the old Boardwalk railing.”

  1. I had no idea some of the railing was original! Scandal alert!

    I was on the boardwalk today and saw the maintenance crew having a field day with the circular saw as well. With the superlot now leveled and cleared of crap thanks to Quiksilver, perhaps they are trying to really overhaul that section of boardwalk from below?

  2. Does anybody notice that they keep repairing the same area of the boardwalk. Not the blocks of rotting boards west and east. Guess that spot is more visible..

  3. Ornate was a big stretch when I said it (I needed a word that would insinuate the structure was worth keeping, the bublbous pipe fittings on the old railing do make it at least attractive looking…ornate, not). The old railings removed are dead straight, solid and classic looking. On top of this…they’re paid for! Why they decided to cut it all up is still beyond me since they simply and easily could have removed the old one in a couple of pieces while they replaced the boardwalk decking. Today I notice that this small section is currently going up with what will be about 100 4×4 timber support posts for what looks to be a wooden railing instead. The foreman looking guy that day told me the ubiquitous (not his word, of course) aluminum railing all along the boardwalk will be put up in its place; guess not. How much in new raw materials are being used here when none could have been? This is all a big waste of labor, material and taxpayer money.

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