A Royal Pain for one Reader (Resident Gripes)

A just received a text from friend of the blog, Adam.

He’s got a bone to pick with Royal Pains.  His message?  Stop screwing up my runs!

What the hell is he talking about?  Well basically, Royal Pains has been filming all over town.  Today, they were spotted filming at both the West End of the boardwalk (around New York Ave) and at the new modern-looking house, ocean front on Indiana Ave (the one with all the glass and the slopped roof).  In the process of filming, they seem to have no interest in the ambient life of Long Beach and instead want to have a closed set.  That’s hard when your set is Long Beach’s “jewel.”

So, long story short, while out on a run today, he was forced to detour off the boardwalk, a tragedy… I know…

Full disclosure, I’ve never heard of the show and know nothing at all about it.  A quick search said its on USA – I actually didn’t know that channel still existed, I thought it transitioned over to a fully Law & Order based network.

The bigger story here is the continued interest that filmmakers have in filming in Long Beach.  Especially after the success of the Quiksiver Pro, it will be interesting to see if there are even more filmers coming down to shoot TV and movie spots.  Again, this is balancing act.  The pros: positive exposure for Long Beach, money for the City (through permits), getting to see a bit of Hollywood come to our City.  Cons: exposure for Long Beach (some don’t want the secret to get out, though I think that ship has sailed), some inconveniences.  My take?  As long as they portray Long Beach honestly – as opposed to this farce of a film, I’m all for it.

Note: Do you have a resident gripe?  If I think its quirky enough and not just “get off my lawn,” maybe I’ll post it, so feel free to email

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  1. I lived in Los Angeles for a while and there was a park down the street from my building that they just loved to film in. Every morning the production trucks would be crowding my narrow block and crew members would walk in front of my car as if I wouldn’t run them over. I went into a restaurant one night and found out they were filming a show and by my patronage there I was granting them permission to use my image if I end up in a shot. I left. One day I drove to downtown LA on a Saturday morning to shop at the garment district…and found the entire area was closed due to filming some action movie. As if traffic in LA wasn’t bad enough.

    They really need to give residents ample notice of any closures or filming. I don’t mind a day or two or three but after that it becomes a nuisance and it’s really difficult when we just have no idea what’s going on. Send a postcard to every address notifying them and make the show pick up the tab. It’s not that difficult.

    I have to say though, if True Blood decided to film in Long Beach I’d camp out to watch!

  2. The crew was courteous to me yesterday as I was exercising along the ocean but was approaching their set near New York Ave. He asked if I could walk along the dune’s fence line instead so that I would not be in the shot, answered my questions as to what they were doing and what show they were with too. In fact, they were all waiting for me to change course because the moment I did, the crew began to yell “rolling” then “action” right after I was spoken to so I felt a little bad I was holding them all up to begin with. All in all, if they are patient with other residents as they were with me I can’t really see that there’s much of an issue here except to second Tracy that advanced notice posted in the areas to be blocked/rerouted is necessary and the courteous thing to do.

  3. I saw them film on the Beach on New York in August. There were no signs, nor advance notice. They took the place over, to the point of parking a vehicle in front of the Lifeguards who were trying to watch the kids in the water.
    Royal Pain contributes nothing to LB and has worn out their welcome. They hire no local residents anyway.

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