Surf City Pizza has officially wiped out (Store 4 Rent).

Some of you might remember the fire that occurred over in Lido Beach earlier this summer that effected Dunes Delicatessen and Surf City Pizza. Well the Deli has since been open, but the Surf City Pizza (300 Lido Blvd)  is officially out of business. “For Rent” signs have finally gone up.

Lido Beach had a nice little thing going on. Pizza, a Deli & Ice Cream – all of Life’s basic necessities making up the Lido Beach downtown a perfection. Now that Surf City Pizza is gone, what’s to come? Any guesses? If I were a betting man, I’d put all my money on a nail salon, since those are assimilating every vacant store around.

Anyways, farewell Surf City Pizza. I’ve only been there a few times, but I loved your effort, I thought your food was pretty good and I salute anybody who tries to bring more FUN to our beach community with your surf board tables, cool logo & overall decor of your place. Not to mention your name itself, reminding people that we do live near the beach. Most of the local places fail to do that. Here is a full list of local pizza places and you will see what I mean…

This area is oversaturated with Pizza anyways, so maybe this was in inevitable with or without the fire.



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6 thoughts on “Surf City Pizza has officially wiped out (Store 4 Rent).”

  1. dude the pizza was not that great, just didnt have enough traffic to stay fresh and good. and the building is highly unattractive. looks like a pizzeria in a college town upstate. Paul is the man at the deli though, i always wish him luck, they do a good job at the deli.

  2. To be fair, i haven’t had pizza there since they opened – I have two places much closer to me, but I don’t think the facade is that bad. It’s not beige and styrofoam like every other place. It does have way too many signs, but decor is a personal opinion. I appreciate the blue. to each his own.

  3. I disagree. I liked the Pizza there and had it many times and the specials. Who cares what the building looks like, I am not eating the blg.

  4. It’s a shame, I thought the pizza was pretty good. Whenever I headed to a concert at Jones Beach or went to the dog park I would stop there and grab a slice. It was a hell of a lot better than the crap at Gino’s.

  5. I disagree, that it was ineveitable that they would have gone out of business, without the fire.

    Let’s point out that in Lido and Pt. Lookout, their only competition was Olive Oil, in Pt. Lookout. So, to say it is saturated, is being blind to the two commumities that only had two pizza places, to choose from.

    They had been there for quite awhile and had been doing fine, prior to the fire. I had been taking out from there on a weekly basis. They will be missed.

  6. Their pizza was pretty good. Nowhere near Gino’s, but it was a place to stop and get a slice when you were heading out of town. I will miss them.

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