Rumor Alert: The Coffee Nut Cafe to be sold to Gentle Brew Coffee.

You see their coffee stand at the Farmer’s Market, but that’s not enough for Gentle Brew Coffee, who is allegedly in negotiations to buy out local favorite-The Coffee Nut Cafe (250 East Park Avenue). My source tells me nothing is written in stone yet, so let’s just file this under RUMORS. In the meantime, The Coffee Nut Cafe is still in business, so let’s support them while they’re around.

Speaking of Gentle Brew Coffee, if you don’t mind spending 25 bucks for a pound of beans, try their Kona Roast. It’s amazing! Especially when brewed with a French Press.

(Photo credit: Unknown)

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2 thoughts on “Rumor Alert: The Coffee Nut Cafe to be sold to Gentle Brew Coffee.”

  1. coffee nut was MORE expensive than starbucks! for all their espresso drinks, coffee by the pound, ICED COFFEE, etc plus their hours are not reliable and the service is inconsistent. they’ve served the same 8 options for desserts on their countertop since they bought the place. can i get a bagel? a muffin? a coffee mug that isn’t DIRTY?

    the place went downhill when it was sold a couple years ago. its the only business i’ve walked into where the owners are either A.complaining B.complaining about Starbucks C.complaining. can i tell you how i really feel?!

    i’m looking forward to the new ownership.

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