Fall Festival this Saturday & Sunday @ Kennedy Plaza (Note: Bring Cash)


My favorite part of the Fall Festival is the food tent where you can get an awesome sample of local eats for a decent (and not so decent) price.

Here is a little ‘fall festival’ gossip.  One resident informed me that City Workers are paid for what has been traditionally considered a volunteer event, and not just paid, but paid overtime.  This, leads to all sorts of fees that would normally be absorbed by the city.

Yep, fees. You can see all of them on the schedule below or download the PDF from the official City of Long Beach website. I’ll highlight some fees so you know how much money you need to bring:

Haunted House – $2
Fire Truck & Hay Rides – $1
Carousel, Slide, Petting Zoo – $1
Puppet Show is free, but maybe the city should erect a tent so they can charge admission.
(click schedule for a larger image)





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15 thoughts on “Fall Festival this Saturday & Sunday @ Kennedy Plaza (Note: Bring Cash)”

  1. No city worker has ever worked the Fall Festival for anything less than overtime at time and a half their regular salary. Average worker at the festival makes about $ 25.00 OT. The worst part is that no part time workers or hourly workers can work the festival. This is a union deal, only the most expensive employees in the City can work. The hourly worker thats pulling in $8.50 an hour need not apply!!

  2. Saw dozens of full timers out there including many dept supervisors (big OT money)They had workers on duty(OT) all last night and will again tonight to guard the Plaza. Regardless of what money they collect they won’t put a dent in the expenditures. If they were using their own money I can assure you that they wouldn’t be using the most expensive employees on overtime!! But on our dime they can be good to the union right before election.

  3. Just returned from the Fall Festival. Best value for the money. The kids and parents were having a great time. There’s plenty to do for free (concerts, puppets) and where else can you get anything for $1.00? (rides,. face painting, etc. even popcorn.) Great day and a great value.
    City workers are giving up their weekends and should be paid.

  4. I was there on Saturday and my favorite stop has always been the Food concessions, but this year they were ALL terrible, ALL of them except for Sutton Place.

  5. On Sunday there was only Lola’s, Sugo and the Allegria had a very limited amount (they were more running a raffle). Whoever was incharge of this did a crap job.

  6. Yeah we went around 12:20ish Saturday thinking we can grab a fast lunch before we had to skip town for the day. None of the food venders were ready… it was strange. This was Saturday. I can’t speak for sunday.

  7. I liked my lobster slider from Lola’s. I liked the free sample of pumpkin soup from the Allegria and I really liked the free cupcakes from Park Ave. I am a pessimist by nature, but cannot understand the complaints about this beautiful day. Add to that the Bobis fundraising–watching teenagers volunteer for something important; the banjo players, the stuff in the back of city hall. It was all great. Gee whiz. Long Beach has so many great activities. Don’t come if you’re a naysayer.

  8. eileensusan If you likes that slop then you are entitled to, nobody insulted you or your taste for it and I don’t expect you to call ME a “naysayer” only because I have good taste and you don’t.
    Thank You.

  9. well since you brought it up- yeah, the bobis fundraiser was damn awesome and the teenagers did a tremendous amount of work. You know who else worked really hard at the fundraiser? Tommy Sofield….he was working really hard on drinking and whoring himself out for votes. Ironic that the person who wanted to shut down QS altogether is now making nicey nice with the surfers who he’s come to realize have a loud and persuasive presence in the community.

    Not surprised he stooped this low.

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