A Fist-Fightin’ Weekend (And There’s No Full Moon)

Perhaps the youths are watching a bit too much Jersey Shore, but those kids are certainly finding it easy to get into fights lately.

One reader commented that over in the West End, there was a 14 girl brawl near Nebraska Ave.  She describes at least four girls “smashing” each other and it turning into a “full force bloody beatdown.”  The kicker?  This all took place around 7:30PM!  She says the after she called the police they arrived a few minutes later, with the crowd scattering.  She was not sure if any arrests were made.

And to cap off the weekend, another fight poured out of the Allegria on Sunday night around 10PM.  Looking at the Allegria’s facebook page, they say they were “rolling out the red carpet” for the Human Rights Campaign of Long Island.  One reader says the red carpet turned into shouting and yelling, then pushing and shoving.  A crowd of a dozen were yelling back and forth, and then the fists started flying leading to several people going to the ground.  In seemingly seconds though, about five police cars – marked and unmarked – were on scene.  One cop in the middle of it was literally screaming at the hot-heads that were still trying to go at it.  As things seemed to de-escalate, one party-goer not yet satisfied with his encounter with the Long Beach Police Department, went at one of the officers. He soon was put to the hood of a squad car, cuffed, and taken off the premises.

I’ll be sure to keep an eye out on the LBPD’s blotter to see if there are any official arrests/charges stemming from either of these incidents.

Update: I’m assuming this is the arrest out front of the Allegria

Long Beach Pd — “Hempstead man, age 34, arrested unit blk W Broadway for Disorderly Conduct”

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